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Guide to CYBEX Sirona Z range

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When it comes to car seat jargon, it can be pretty confusing. From the technical language to the safety standards, there’s a wealth of information to depict and sometimes, it doesn’t stop there. Car seat models can also be long and sometimes a little tricky to understand which adds another layer of confusion into the mix.

We think, given how important car seat safety is for every parent that information should be easy to understand. That’s why we’re shining the light on the very popular CYBEX Sirona Z range, which has a few new additions and updates to delve into that might not be too clear on first look.

Guide to CYBEX Car seats

What is the CYBEX Sirona Zi i-Size car seat?

The CYBEX Sirona Zi is a 360 degree rotating toddler car seat, which makes putting your little one into the car much easier.  Designed for parents who want maximum safety for their little rider, the CYBEX Sirona Zi has set new standards in the area of side and front-impact protection.

It offers simple door side boarding and is easier than ever to switch between rear-facing and forward-facing position. Plus, with its 12-step adjustable headrest and reclining positions, this seat is super ergonomic!

swivel car seat CYBEX

What is the CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size car seat?

As the successor to the Sirona Zi, the CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size is now even more comfortable with more sophisticated features. This car seat now offers more resting positions in both directions. Additionally, the car seat can now be turned to the side in a reclined position so that you can comfortably buckle in even the smallest of riders! Some of the improved features you'll find on the CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size includes:

Maximum comfort

The one-hand recline function makes it easy for parents to adjust the seat while keeping their other hand free. The CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size car seat has 5 recline positions in both rear and forward-facing modes, increasing comfort for sleeping and travelling.

Removable insert

The CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size includes a removable newborn inlay, which creates a near-flat lying position for newborns which helps to reduce the risk of the baby’s head tipping forward when asleep.

More safety

The CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size Energy-Reduction Technology (ER-Tech) offers increased safety in the forward-facing position in the event of a frontal collision. In a frontal crash, technology in the seat helps to reduce the forces on the neck by more than 20%, compared with other conventional 5-point harness systems.

CYBEX Sirona Z2

What is the difference between Cybex Sirona Zi and Cybex Sirona Z2?

To summarise, while the CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size possesses the same dimensions and features of the range's first model, it offers two new, valuable elements: more recline positions which can be placed in five different positions forwards and backwards, and it can now also be rotated in all reclining positions, allowing parents to comfortably strap in even the smallest of little ones. Unlike the CYBEX Sirona Z i-Size, which could only be rotated in certain recline positions.

What is the CYBEX Sirona Z2 modular system?

If you've found yourself in the black hole of modular systems, fear not. It's actually a very clever, not-so-difficult system to understand and the CYBEX Sirona Z range features one. Modular systems are a brand's universal base system with both a car seat and ISOFIX base. This means that the base of an infant carrier will take the next stage car seat when your child has outgrown it. Perfect if you're planning on having a CYBEX car seat throughout all-stages.


Need more help?

Hopefully this has explained a little more on the world of car seat jargon, and how the CYBEX Sirona Z2 i-Size is a truly great update of the already popular Z line range. However, if you would like to see this car seat in action, or speak with a lovely member of our team, simply connect via one-way video call or book an appointment with our nursery specialists. Alternatively, if you already have a CYBEX Sirona Z car seat, why not visit our Surrey Store to receive a free, in-store car seat fitting service from our helpful sales advisors!