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Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish

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As well as being super stylish, Joolz aim to provide the very best functionality for you and your baby. Perfect for style conscious parents and those committed to caring for the environment. We're going behind the scenes and taking a look at the initiatives Joolz has put in place to ensure their brand remains eco-friendly, sustainable and a cut above the rest! 🌱🌍

Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish

A tree planted for your baby...

Our earth could use a bit more green. That’s why Joolz will plant a tree for every customer’s baby in the Joolz Birth Forest. Simply register your pushchair on and Joolz will plant your tree for you + your little one!  

Joolz works together with Tree-Nation, a planting community dedicated to fighting climate change, deforestation and poverty. The La Pedregoza Plantation is located in the Orinoco River basin in Colombia and is known as 'the lungs of the world'. Close to the rainforest, this is the perfect location to contribute to CO² reduction and brings sustainable development to the local community.


Joolz Birth Forest

Don't throw me away!

“It’s such a shame to throw away all that cardboard,” the creative director of Joolz commented one day. And that’s where it started. Joolz reverted to their youthful idealism and came up with the idea of recycling their packaging.

Both big and small cardboard boxes – unpack them first – then convert them into a bird box, a reindeer, a chair and more! So don’t throw the packaging away - recycling is better for the environment and, who knows, your little one might learn something too.

Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish

Joolz HQ

Take a peek at the Joolz Headquarters in Amsterdam. It's housed in a sustainably renovated factory with smart energy-neutral solutions such as three greenhouses that serve as meeting rooms and 200 solar panels on the roof. To support their employees’ well-being, Joolz serve healthy lunches every day and have an in-house yoga and sports facility. The building truly is the epitome of Joolz' Positive Design philosophy and takes another step towards a more sustainable world.


Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish

Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish


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