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Fun Halloween Snack Ideas

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We recently welcomed Eco Rascals to the NBS family and what better way to celebrate their amazing organic bamboo and silicone tablewear than with some spooky foody fun to get everyone in the Halloween spirit early.

We spoke to Eco Rascals themselves to find out how they get into the mood for Halloween.

Fun Halloween snack ideas

Eco Rascals

We can’t wait for Halloween here at eco rascals HQ. The pumpkin spiced lattes, shop windows decorated with spider webs, skeletons and Jack O’Lanterns and kids eagerly choosing and inevitably changing their chosen fancy dress costume.

I think we’ve all come to accept that Halloween isn’t going to be quite the same this year – masks are no longer that much of a novelty - but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a wonderfully fun experience for the little ones in our lives and it’s the perfect time to set new traditions.

All year round we get asked questions about suitable snacks and party food for little ones. So we wanted to share with you, our idea of a fun spooky snack platters perfect for adults and children of all ages.

Frightening Fruit platter

Our spooky plant-based food platter is full of healthy treats and natural sugars! It’s sure to get the kids excited to get some of their five a days! 

Fun Halloween snack ideas

Bat Date Balls

Nothing pleases us more than a tasty treat that involves zero baking. Date balls are so versatile and can be made to suit all dietary needs. These date balls are super simple and just made up with 20 pitted dates, 4 tbsp organic cacao powder, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 2 coconut oil and 2 tbsp water blended together and rolled into desiccated coconut. The cute little bat wings are made with Oreo biscuits.

Fun Halloween snack ideas

Spider Web Guacamole

This quirky addition to a simple guacamole and dip dish is pleasing on the eye and a definite photo opportunity.

Fun Halloween snack ideas

Monster Baby Bels

Turn your baby bels into little monsters. All you’ll need is one extra baby bel for slicing and making the round eyes, a couple of raisins for the irises and a pair of scissors to cut their sharp teeth.

Fun Halloween snack ideas

Blood Shot Egg Eyes and Jack-o’lantern peppers

These are great fun and the older kids love getting involved in carving the vegetables!

Fun Halloween snack ideas

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