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Etta Loves bundle review

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Etta Loves is a beautiful baby sensory brand specialising in muslins, comforters and playmats which capture baby's imagination and are cleverly designed to improve cognitive development.

With fun patterns and bold, bright colours, so many parents and their little ones love the Etta Loves collection so, we thought it best to test a few of our favourite pieces with one of our real parent testers. Here's what they had to say...

etta loves muslins review

Parent tester - Michelle

I was the lucky winner of an Etta Loves Bundle and I can safely say all of these products I received are such a big hit with me and the little one. When I received them, it was like Christmas, the packaging was so beautiful and all eco-friendly!

etta loves review

Being a mum of 2, it's difficult to always get out the house with everything in your bag. The bright colours and patterns on the Etta Loves items made it easy for me to locate in the house.

It's also great to have a nice new set of everything you need, I love all the items but there are three items that we absolutely love and are very essential in our day-to-day routine.

etta loves bundle

We use the reversible sensory playmat every day as it's a perfect size to fold up and take wherever we go. It's also slightly cushioned so if they are unstable at sitting up, it's comfortable for them to lay down. One side is for 4 months+ and the other is 5 months+ which it really is great for Eddie's sensory as he is fascinated by the pattern and colours.  

The three layer sensory blanket has also been a huge hit in our household. It's such a good size and we also use this on a daily basis. I have used it on picnics for Eddie to lay and us as a family! With it being 3 layered, it's a brilliant lightweight blanket keeping him warm enough and it's machine washable which with messy pups is great!

Etta loves muslins

The sensory teething ring, this is great for those little ones struggling with their teeth. The wooden ring is soft on their gums and having the material on also makes it a perfect comforter. What I liked about this is the material can be removed of the ring and be washed which is a big bonus.