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Ergobaby Omni Breeze Carrier Review

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Ergobaby have been a firm favourite with parents for many years and their popularity comes as no surprise. Ergobaby have been committed to supporting families with comfortable and innovative solutions for the parenting journey and the Ergobaby Omni Breeze is a perfect example of their fantastically designed baby carriers. Featuring new innovative fabric to help create maximum breathability for parent and baby.

Like all carriers in the Omni range, the Breeze is suitable from birth (7lbs/3.2kg), without the need for a newborn insert, all the way up to 45lbs/20kg (around 4 years). So let’s find out a little more on what our team of parent testers had to say about the Omni Breeze...

ergobaby omni breeze

Parent tester - Hollie Light

The main features we were looking for in a baby carrier were sleek design (as few straps and fabric parts as possible) in a neutral colour that both “Daddy” and I would feel comfortable carrying our daughter in - as well as any future babies!

The first thing that attracted us to the Ergobaby Omni Breeze was the mesh fabric - we found our previous carrier too hot to use (even in winter) due to the thick material. Although we were very tempted by some of the other colourways, we chose the pearl grey because we felt that it would look equally good against both our summer and winter clothes.

Ergobaby Omni breeze

The usability of this carrier is great. It’s not complicated to use - we both mastered how to strap baby in and out on our own quite quickly. The front of the carrier features a headrest and folds down so that baby can comfortably face outwards. I would recommend strapping in baby tighter than you might think because the neck did rub a little on the first use facing outwards but I suspect that might be down to user error rather than the carrier itself.  Generally I do find the mesh fabric to be quite soft compared to the stiff cotton materials used in some other carriers.

Ergobaby Omni Breeze

We also really like the small - but important - details like the elastic loops which are used to neatly tie back excess straps. The removable zip pouch bag is so helpful for storing a phone, keys and other essentials - meaning you don’t have to stuff pockets full or carry another bag as well. Our inquisitive baby isn’t keen on being in the pushchair or a trolley seat for too long, she seems to love the perspective on the world the carrier offers her, so we really couldn’t live without this carrier!

Ergobaby Omni breeze

Parent tester - Charlotte Wakeling 

We were absolutely thrilled to be chosen as one of the ‘real’ parents to test out the Ergobaby Omni Breeze carrier. Teddy is 8 weeks old and we also have Annie who is at preschool so I knew I’d need to use carriers a lot more this time round. I’d already purchased 2 Tula’s and a sling so I was really keen to test this one out and see how it compares.

It arrived in a very cute compact package and I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight the actual carrier was. It folds up small enough to easily fit under the pram or in a bag, its ‘fuss free’ style meant that dad was willing to wear it (which was quite something as he hasn't bothered with the other 3 I already have!). 

Ergobaby Omni Breeze boxed

I tried it first and was really pleased with the back support, my boy is already over 11 pounds at 8 weeks old and after my second c section I am prone to an achy back. This was so comfortable to wear I’m confident I’d be able to baby wear for longer periods and further distances without any issues. I love having my baby close to me and it is where he is happiest, I find Teddy settles so well I’ve even resorted to wearing it around the house so I can get some jobs done!

We went for a walk and dad wore the carrier, he really liked the style and feel of it. He has said that it’s the only carrier he’ll use and he’s happy to wear it when out and about, bonus! 

Ergobaby Omni Breeze

One of the biggest positives for me is that it’s designed in a way that is simple and easy to use, there are no long straps to wrap around your body and tie up, it feels safe to put baby in and clip in the straps with the other hand. Many other carriers are over complicated and I found myself googling the instructions but you couldn’t really go wrong with this.

Ergobaby Omni Breeze

Overall we are really pleased and I think it’s bumped its way up to being our favourite! It's stylish for both mum and dad to wear, easy and quick to get baby in and out, uncomplicated design, amazing back support and baby settles really well. If you want colourful patterns this isn’t the one for you, it would be amazing if the zip pocket was slightly bigger to fit a couple of nappies in.

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