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Ergobaby Metro+ Deluxe review

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Looking for a stroller that offers both comfort and style for you and your little one? Look no further than the Ergobaby Metro+ Deluxe Stroller! This travel stroller packs a punch with its compact design, everyday convenience, and elevated style.

Made with top-quality fabrics and attention to detail, this stroller has everything your family needs and more- but don't just take our word for it! Read our parent reviewer's experience with it...

ergobaby metro deluxe

Ergobaby Metro+ Deluxe Stroller

As an upgrade of Ergobaby Metro+, you might be wondering what sets the Metro+ Deluxe stroller apart? Well, let us tell you! The Metro+ Deluxe boasts luxurious and upgraded materials that will ensure your little one has a comfortable and cosy ride.

Plus, its extended storage basket holds 22% more than the Metro+ basket, meaning you don't have to lug around as many bags while out and about. And, if you need extra storage, the basket can be adjusted to open or closed settings. Moreover, the Metro+ Deluxe comes with a parent/little one cupholder and a support holder, adding an extra touch of premium style. 

ergobaby metro+ deluxe

Parent tester - Annie Marie

The pram arrived the day before we went on a trip to Cornwall so we took this instead of our full travel system to allow us more space in the car. It fit really well in the back of a Ford Kuga!

ergobaby metro+

It arrived well packaged and padded (although the sellotape holding the box closed had been cut open). There was no building required which was great - you can use it straight from the box. I’ve seen they currently are offering a free carry bag with the pram which I think would be useful for travelling.

ergobaby metro unboxing

I watched a video on how to put the pram up just to make sure I didn’t damage anything. It was pretty straight forward and only a couple of steps (we are however still to master doing it with one big flick like some of the videos!). The carry handle on the seat unit is a useful addition to help lift in in and out of the car.

ergobaby metro fold

My initial thoughts were that the fabric looked really thick, comfy and great quality.  Much more padded than previous compact strollers I’ve used. The green hood is a lovely colour and the pram feels very sturdy. The back wheels are larger than the front which makes it much smoother to push. Strollers I have had in the past have had smaller and less robust wheels making them less easy to handle.

The hood gives great coverage and can be pulled right down into the bumper bar to give young babies full protection. The newborn sides are a really great feature to add to this protection, although my 3 month old didn’t have much space left when these were up as he’s quite long. There are three poppers each side to hold it in place - one of these poppers has already broken on the pram but it hasn’t affected the ability to use the sides at all and is easy to glue back on.

ergobaby metro+ deluxe wheels

The vent on the back is great for when the pram is lay all the way back but I did find that when it was windy I had to keep the vent closed which meant I struggled to see him as he was too high for the flap on the hood.

We took the pram over so many different terrains - including pulling it backwards across the beach - and it handled really well. It’s easy to push one handed and the handlebar can be adjusted to multiple positions to make it comfortable to push. My youngest seemed super comfy in there and fell asleep every time we put him in. As we always had him lying flat I had to do the brake from the side as I couldn’t reach it from the back but it’s easy to do.

ergobaby metro+ deluxe

It was really quick and easy to adjust the straps to suitable positions when my toddler decided he no longer wanted to walk. He doesn’t often go in a pram any more but said he was really comfy in this one and even had a snooze in it.

The basket is an ok size; has enough space for a few bits and the rain cover. The raincover was a good size ensuring complete coverage (much bigger and better fitting than previous prams I’ve used) with good ventilation and velcros round the back of the pram well. I think it would be good it there was something to secure it nearer the bottom of the pram too in case the wind catches it.

The cup holder is a great addition and can fit lots of different sized bottles. I’ve had cup holders in the past where theses bottles have fallen out and been dented from hitting the ground.

ergobaby metro+ deluxe
As I’m not super tall I had the handlebar on the lower setting and found that the hood fabric got in my way when it was up which was a bit annoying. I had to have the hood up part of the way for it to be off my hands.

Overall we’ve loved this pram, it handles so much better than our previous stroller, it is smaller when folded yet is way more comfortable for both parent and child.

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