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CYBEX Pallas G i-Size Review

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CYBEX is a recognised leader in child safety, boasting multiple awards for their pioneering car seats, pushchairs, and much more that are perfectly adapted to urban lifestyles.

The CYBEX Pallas G i-Size Car Seat is 2-in-1 seat grows with your child, providing optimum support at each stage in their development. In your little one's early years, a new and improved impact shield provides superior protection, comfort and freedom of movement and makes getting your little one secured easier than ever. From toddler to pre-teen, your child is protected by an impact shield until they grow to 21kg. Then the impact shield is removed and the seat is secured by the vehicle seatbelt, providing reliable protection until they reach a height of 150cm (approx. 12 years old).

The patented reclining headrest also helps to keep your child's head in a protected position when they fall asleep on their journey, making the Pallas G i-Size is the perfect fit for the years ahead, always ready to protect your little one. Read more on what our team of parent testers had to say on the CYBEX Pallas G i-Size car seat...

Parent tester - Chloe Swift

Right from our first ‘parents to be’ shopping experience, we’ve been a big advocate of the CYBEX range of products, but it’s important to note that this didn’t come without doing a LOT of research first!

My career as a Product & Marketing Manager meant that I’ve always been incredibly thorough in doing my research, and pride myself on being a savvy shopper too for finding the best prices.

So, going back to our first infant car seat purchase, and remembering well the feeling of complete bewilderment as we stared at the vast range of seats up on racks in the stores wondering where to start, we spent many hours googling all the pros and cons of different brands and styles, and CYBEX kept coming up top trumps in terms of safety and design features. First to come home with us then was the CYBEX Cloud Z i-Size, which we particularly liked because of its lay-flat recline option for the newborn stage, 360 degree rotation on the base, the L.S.P System (Linear Side-impact Protection), and it fitted the travel system that I’d set my heart on.

Then when Chester very quickly seemed to outgrow that one at around 12 months (he was a very long baby and now a very tall toddler), again I did a lot of research, but couldn’t find better than the CYBEX Sirona Z i-Size, which not only was compatible with the same IsoFix base, but it still gave us the benefit of the 360 degree rotation for easy access, and could be used in both front and rear facing modes with built in safety guidance for this. 

Now, whilst the Sirona Z is suitable for use up to 4 years or 18kg, one concern I have had is the ease in which an ever more curious toddler seems to learn how to escape through the seatbelt straps by pulling them down over their shoulders. Thankfully Chester has only done this once so far whilst the car was stationary, so I’m guessing he was momentarily bored, but the sheer level of ‘mum worry’ did lead me to explore other car seat options on the market….

…And bingo, we struck gold because the lovely team at Natural Baby Shower asked us to Parent Test the CYBEX Gold Pallas G i-Size, and its front bumper bar style child restraint solved that very problem!

The CYBEX Gold Pallas G i-Size is a 2-in-1 seat with an integrated adjustable impact shield that has its own seatbelt built across the lap/chest area. This means that you can quickly place your child in the seat, and then just click the bumper bar across and adjust the belt for tightness. Upon trying this for the first time, Chester was safely secured in a matter of seconds, and the impact shield is luxuriously padded so very comfortable for him too.

The online ordering process with Natural Baby Shower was superbly hassle free. We were kept updated with emails and text alerts, and within just a couple of days the DHL driver was here as promised within the 1 hour time slot given.

Installation was so easy that quite possibly Chester could have done it haha! He greeted the box on delivery with a very excitable ‘WOW’ and we opened it together. I have to say that I was delighted to see that it was already fully assembled (phew!) and in a protective clear wrapping too.

Parent tester - Natalie Tinnion

Firstly I was so delighted to win this so thank you so much. The package arrived in great condition and the delivery updates were really thorough. When opening the box and taking the car seat out it really wasn’t very heavy and it was also great that there wasn’t anything to put together it was all in one piece.

The first negative I noticed though was that there wasn’t any instructions on how to install. We did need to use a bit of trial and error installing. I was super pleased once it was in and I popped my little girl in it. She’s 3 - admittedly not a big 3 year old - but I would say she only just fits in the car seat. I can see from the product description that it states from 15 months old but I’m really not sure this would work for younger babies. I do love that you don’t have to fiddle around with any straps and it’s just the one bar that goes across the middle, this is a real bonus.

Overall it’s a good car seat and some clever engineering to remove the shoulder straps but I do think it should be sold more for older toddlers.

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