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Comparing CYBEX Car Seats: Cloud Z2 i-Size vs. Cloud T i-Size

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When shopping around for a little one, we always want to choose the best. And one of the essential items to invest in is car seats.

Choosing the right car seat is an important task but with so many options available, it can be slightly confusing to understand what you should be looking for - "what the heck is ISOFIX" did you say?

That's where CYBEX comes in. Known for its dedication to safety and convenience, CYBEX offer two similar yet excellent, revolutionary car seat options that are firm favourite of families worldwide - the Cloud Z2 i-Size and the all-new Cloud T i-Size

To discover why the new Cybex Cloud T i-Size would make your perfect car companion, let's see what's new from this iconic car seat design...

CYBEX Cloud Z2 vs Cloud T car seat blog

CYBEX Cloud Z2

Cloud Z2 car seat

The CYBEX Cloud Z2 i-Size is the car seat that combines safety, convenience, and style to provide the ultimate driving experience for your little one.

With its clever rotation mechanism, the seat can easily face sideways for effortless entry and exit from the car with the new in-car recline feature, your child can relax and enjoy the journey!

The Cloud Z2 is designed for versatility being able to recline into a full lie-flat position, even when used as part of a travel system with a stroller. The integrated sun canopy offers ample shade in any recline position, whether you're inside or outside the car.


CYBEX Cloud T i-Size car seat

Introducing the newest CYBEX car seat and upgrade of the CloudZ2, the Cloud T i-Size! Also designed for babies from birth up to 24 months, this car seat offers both comfort and safety with an added bonus!

Say goodbye to awkwardly manoeuvring your little one in and out of the car with its 180-degree rotation feature, you can easily bring your baby in and out by simply turning the seat towards the car door. The recline hinges at the hip area provide extra leg support and create a spacious seating position, making it one of the most roomy infant carriers available!

Worried about your little one's comfort? Don't be. The Cloud T i-Size Car Seat features brand new, all-around air ventilation system, ensuring a cool ride for your baby no matter the season or their age.

What's similar about CYBEX Cloud Z2 and Cloud T?

The CYBEX Cloud Z2 i-Size and Cloud T i-Size share several safety features and on first look, are very similar. They're both excellent choices for keeping your little one safe on all your travels from the day you leave the hospital and beyond as they feature the same safe and convenient design.

To summarise, the car seat's similarities include:

  • Both car seats rotating when used on a base, are compatible with Base Z2 or Base T
  • Can be used as part of a travel system
  • Feature a multi-car seat adaptor
  • Lie-flat position, including positions for recline inside and outside the car
  • LSP (Linear Side-impact Protection) system.
  • Suitable from birth until about 2 years old or 13kg
  • Similar price point (approx £220)
Cybex cloud z2

What's different about CYBEX Cloud Z2 and Cloud T?


It's no surprise that CYBEX is widely recognised as a leader in baby car seat safety worldwide. However, the CYBEX Cloud Z2 i-Size has received exceptional safety ratings, with a 1.7 result from both ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) in crash tests.

On the other hand, the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size has just been released meaning it's not yet been tested by these bodies. Although, it's expected to achieve an equally good or even better result!

Cybex safety features


The main differences between these two models are in their fabrics. The CYBEX Cloud Z2 i-Size comes in a range of colours and fabrics that provide a simple, elegant look, with a soft, breathable cover that's machine washable and easy to remove.

However, the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size offers two distinct fabric options: Comfort and Plus editions..

Comfort: The Comfort version is available in four colours and provides a soft, plush fabric with a ventilation system behind the LSP (Linear Side-impact Protection) system. This ventilation system allows air to flow through the car seat, keeping little one comfortable.

Plus: The Plus version, which is available in two colours, has a 3D mesh fabric design that gives enhanced breathability to the car seat. Notably, it features a new and improved ventilation system that increases airflow by 100%, providing maximum comfort!


While both the Cloud Z2 i-Size and Cloud T i-Size offer ventilation systems, the CYBEX Cloud T i-Size's ventilation system excels in terms of innovation and efficiency.

As mentioned before, the Plus edition of the Cloud T i-Size includes a 3D mesh fabric design that provides superior ventilation to the car seat. this feature allows your little passenger to stay cool and comfortable during even the warmest and longest trips.

Cloud T ventilation

Choosing your CYBEX car seat

Choosing the right car seat will make every journey so much better for you and your little one, and both the CYBEX Cloud Z2 i-Size and Cloud T i-Size offer this by prioritising safety and functionality.

While the two models share many similar safety features, the biggest differences are in their ventilation systems and fabrics which could be enough to upgrade to the Cloud T.

At the end of the day, the choice between the Cloud Z2 i-Size and the Cloud T i-Size comes down to personal preference and what will work best for your family. Regardless of which car seat you choose, CYBEX has shown a commitment to quality and innovation that makes them a leader in the industry. So choose with confidence, and travel with peace of mind!

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