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Close Reusable Nappies Review

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It’s no secret that here at Natural Baby Shower we are huge fans of reusable nappies and encourage every parent to give them a go. Close reusable nappies are up there with some of our favourites that we recommend, so we couldn’t wait to put them to the test with our trusted parent testers to see if she would become a reusable nappy convert. Keep reading to see what she thought…

Close reusable nappies review

Parent Tester - Hayley Garnett

I had been looking into making the swap to reusable nappies for a while, but for some reason I was really unsure! I already use reusable wipes, but I wasn’t sure if nappies might be a step too far, I think it was the thought of all that washing... I have 4 children and had toyed with the idea in the past but never took the leap! So when I was chosen to give the Close Pop In bundle a try I was ready to throw myself into it!

Delivery was fast and they came in a simple cardboard box, no nasty plastic here! Perfect! Inside was another box with the bundle, made up of 10 bamboo nappies and inserts, 3 night time boosters, 2 rolls of disposable liners, and a wet bag. Into the wash with the nappies, inserts and boosters! 

Close reusable nappies review

Now I’d done quite a bit of reading about these nappies before they arrived, so I knew that the absorbency of the inserts and boosters would increase the more I washed them, but I was too keen to get going! So after one wash we tried our first one! A bit fiddly at first because they do fit slightly differently than disposables, but we got a solid 3 hours and absolutely no leaks! 

Arlo seemed more than happy, and after a month of using these day and night he has no more nasty nappy rash, so definitely a winner! 

Close reusable nappies review

As for the washing, it’s actually really simple and certainly was no where near as bad as I imagined it would be! The disposable liners are great, they catch anything solid and can be flushed down the loo, and everything else goes in the washing machine! It is recommended to line dry them if possible, avoiding the tumble drier. The wet bag is great for either keeping your dirty nappies in until wash day (and can go in the wash with them), or for out and about because it has one compartment for clean nappies and one for dirty! 

Close reusable nappies review

I can honestly say I’m a complete cloth convert after trying these, so much so that I’ve since bought another bundle and a few of the very cute patterned nappies too!

My only little criticism with these is that the instructions could be clearer - for a complete cloth novice, if I hadn’t done a bit of reading beforehand, I don’t think the instructions included would have been enough. But there really is a wealth of information available online! I love these nappies (and so does Arlo!) and won’t look back, I only wish I had made the change sooner! 

Close nappy review

Parent Tester - Joanne Snell

We won these to review through Natural Baby Shower included in pack is
.10x new gen V2 napppies
.3x nighttime bamboo boosters
.80x biodegradable liners
.1x tote bag
It is a very good starter set for anybody who's not tried cloth nappies before it has everything you need to get started, or anybody who wants to add to their collection.
Close reusable nappies review
Close reusable nappies review
The nappies are made from recycled bottles which is just amazing for the planet and the soakers are made from bamboo. Which I love anything bamboo as it's so soft and very absorbent. Once we got into them they was easier to use than I thought they would be definitely a good swap to help save the environment.
They also come in some loverly colours and patterns

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