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Christmas Stocking Fillers & Gifts for Children

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The festive season is upon us, and no doubt you're all on the lookout for the perfect stocking fillers to bring smiles to a little ones' faces this Christmas. We've handpicked a delightful selection of gifts that are not only practically perfect but you can also have fun shopping. Whether you're a parent, a doting friend, or a loving family member, these charming finds are sure to be a hit come Christmas morning.

Olli Ella Cozy Dozy Dinkum Doll Bunny Moppet

Introducing Olli Ella Cozy Dozy Dinkum Doll Bunny Moppet - the perfect companion for your baby, designed for endless cuddles and cosy days. Picture the joy on your child's face as they unwrap this lovable doll on Christmas morning. Bunny Moppet is not just a toy; it's your baby's first friend and a lifelong keepsake.

Olli Ella Cozy Dozy Dinkum Doll - Bunny Moppet

Like all the Cozy Dozy Dinkums, Bunny Moppet is posable, featuring a gentle weight that makes it an ideal first toy. Made from the plushest material, it showcases a sweet embroidered face with a tuft of hair, and wears a non-removable suit with two soft furry ears and a heart-warming rainbow right over their heart.

Olli Ella Cozy Dozy Dinkum Doll - Bunny Moppet

This delightful doll is more than a gift; it's a cherished addition to your Dinkum Doll family for older children too. The joy and warmth Bunny Moppet brings make it the perfect festive surprise for newborns or a delightful discovery under the Christmas tree.

Little Dutch Christmas Snowman Doll

Little Dutch Christmas Snowman Doll - Jake

Meet the Little Dutch Christmas Snowman Doll, Jake, your child's festive cuddle companion! With a cheerful Christmas hat and a cuddly snowman in tow, Jake is ready to spread Christmas joy. His soft, huggable body makes him the perfect playmate for adventures and cosy cuddles. Give the gift of festive cheer to your little ones with the delightful stocking filler.

Babiators Original Keyhole Sunglasses - Totally Tortoise

Babiators Original Keyhole Sunglasses - Totally Tortoise

Shield your little one's eyes with style! Babiators' Original Keyhole Sunglasses in Totally Tortoise are not only stylish but also offer 100% UV protection. These pint-sized shades are perfect for the trendy tot who wants to make a fashion statement. Let your little one strut around with their shades on, feeling like the most stylish child around town...

Maileg Ballerina Mouse Big Sister

For the aspiring ballerina in your life, the Maileg Ballerina Mouse Big Sister is a dream come true. This dainty mouse is ready to pirouette into your little one's Christmas stocking. With her tutu and ballet shoes, she's the perfect companion for imaginative play.

Maileg Ballerina Mouse - Big Sister

Matchstick Monkey Animal Teether

Teething just got a whole lot more delightful with the Matchstick Monkey Animal Teether in Fudge Fox, a must-have for parents with little ones.

Matchstick Monkey Animal Teether - Fudge Fox

The fox-shaped teether, perfect for tiny hands, not only soothes sore gums but also adds a touch of charm to the teething process. The textured bumps on the teether facilitate the application of teething gels to the right spots without using your finger, making it a practical gift that brings both comfort and a smile to parents. With its ideal size and fun colour, this teether is designed to provide relief during those tough teething months, pleasing even the pickiest of babies.

Tiny Love Tiny Dreamer Boho Chic

Create a cosy and enchanting environment for your little one with the Tiny Love Tiny Dreamer Boho Chic. This versatile accessory can be attached to the crib or stroller, providing visual and auditory stimulation for your baby.

Tiny Love Tiny Dreamer - Boho Chic at Natural Baby Shower
The gentle melodies and captivating visuals are sure to capture your little one's attention. Give the gift of sweet dreams and peaceful nights with this charming mobile.

Elodie Details Mittens - Pebble Green

Keep those little fingers warm and toasty with Elodie Details Mittens in Pebble Green. These mittens are a winter essential for your fashionable mini-me and the soft, high-quality fabric ensures your little one's hands stay warm during chilly days. 

Elodie Details Mittens - Pebble Green

Tonies Favourite Children's Songs, Bedtime Songs & Lullabies Collection

Take on a magical bedtime journey with Tonies' Favourite Children's Songs - Bedtime Songs + Lullabies. This enchanting collection of twenty soothing tunes creates a dreamy atmosphere for your little ones as they drift into a world of peaceful slumber.

Tonies Favourite Children's Songs - Bedtime Songs + Lullabies at Natural Baby Shower
From the timeless charm of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to the gentle tune of "Rock-a-bye Baby," each melody is a lullaby masterpiece. Let the magic unfold with classics like "Brahms' Lullaby" and the whimsical "The Owl and the Pussycat."

Tonies Favourite Children's Songs - Bedtime Songs + Lullabies at Natural Baby Shower
Tonies' Favourite Children's Songs transforms bedtime into a cherished tradition, weaving a musical tapestry of calmness and dreams. Say goodnight to the day and welcome a serene night's sleep with this melodic wonderland.

This Christmas season, delight the little ones in your life with stocking fillers your little one's can get excited about opening. Natural Baby Shower's carefully curated selection ensures that you'll find the perfect gift for every child on your list. After all, the joy of giving is truly amplified when you see the excitement in a child's eyes. Happy gifting!

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