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Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

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What better way to get into the festive spirit than with some Christmas themed arts and crafts. We think it’s the perfect time to pop on those Christmas songs, grab a cup of hot chocolate and have some festive fun as a family to get into the Christmas spirit.

We have bought together some of our favourite Christmas themed arts and crafts that we love to help inspire you. These are all super fun for the whole family, not too tricky (we promise) and the end results will be something your little ones will be proud of.

Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

Santa Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas is the best bit! Put a crafty twist on their advent calendar with this clever and cute Santa advent calendar. As the days of advent pass, Santa’s beard will fill up with the fluffy cotton balls as they countdown to the big day.

Grab some paper and pens to get creating! Cut the shape of Santa’s face from white paper. Either draw on his features, or you can cut these out and stick on. Cut the hat from red and white craft paper then glue onto the face. Finish off the hat with a cute cotton ball at the end. Now onto the beard, cut a long beard shape from white paper, then write all the dates of Dec onto the beard. And you’re done! Let the countdown to Christmas begin. Hang the calendar and set a bowl of cotton balls and a bottle of glue nearby.

 Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

Toilet Roll Elf

Your little ones will love making these cute little elf friends, plus it’s a good use of all those old toilet roll tubes!

Cut into the top of the tube at a slant and then fold the cardboard to create a triangle shape in the middle. Repeat on the other side of the tube. Now add on it’s little jacket with some paint or colours pens if you prefer, as well as his cute features. Using a piece of coloured paper, draw and cut out a large circle and cut the circle in half. Fold half of the circle round to create a cone shape and before stapling or gluing together, make sure it fits snuggly onto the cardboard tube, with the ears sticking out and the two triangles in middle section covered. Finish your little elf off with a pom pom on the end of it’s hat.

Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

Handprint Wreath

This clever wreath is made up of lots of cut out’s of your little one’s cute hands. You will be able to hang this with pride around your home, plus keep it for years to come to remember just how small your little one’s hands once were.

Grab some old cardboard, a cereal box will do perfectly. Trace your child’s hand onto the this and cut out to make a template. Using this template trace and cut out 20-25 hand prints onto coloured card, we use green so it looks lie holly. Now you need to make the circle of your wreath to stick the handprints on to. We like to use 2 plates as a template to draw around. You simply need a big plate and a smaller plate to create a ring when cut out. If you are doing baby hands, you might want to go with a slightly thinner wreath. Now gather all your paper hand cut outs and start to stick them on to the circle with a little glue layering and building them up as you go. Once you are happy, we like to add a few paper red berries to add to the holly look. Now holepunch a hole in the top, tie a ribbon and find the perfect spot in your house to hang your lovely personal wreath.

Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

Tree Decorations

Children just LOVE decorating the tree, but how about getting them involved in actually making something from scratch to put on the tree. We think DIY Christmas ornaments can be a more meaningful way to decorate the tree. They will be able to hang their own creation on the tree and admire it. Plus, they make the best keepsakes for years to come.

Wish list ornament

How cute are these!!! Simply get a cotton spool, you can get these from most craft or sewing shops and online. Or simply unravel a reel of cotton you already have. Paint each spool in the colour of your choice, we like to go with festive red, and leave them to dry. Cut small strips of paper according to the width of your spool. Cut it long enough to wrap around once and hang down. Then get your little ones to write their Christmas wish list on the paper. Glue the underside of the paper onto the spool and thread through some string or ribbon and hang from your tree.

Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

Reindeer Bauble

Grab an old tree bauble from your collection. This plain old bauble is about to be transformed into the cutest little reindeer around. You can either paint features onto the bauble, or you can stick on some googly eyes and a pom pom for a noes for extra cuteness. Then glue on some antlers. We sometimes use glittery pipe cleaners for this, or you can also cut them out from some paper in the shape you want and glue them on.

Christmas Arts and Crafts for Children

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