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Celebrating World Book Day With NBS

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World Book Day 2024 will be taking place this year on Thursday 7th March. The theme for this year is ‘Read Your Way’, with the aim of celebrating how children are more likely to enjoy reading when their choices are championed, and when reading is made fun.

Here at NBS, we want to help parents make reading more exciting, and help encourage their little rascals to pick up a book instead of being drawn to the screens.

Just in time for World Book Day, we have a variety of wonderful new books and audiobooks in stock that we know kids will love.

Let’s introduce you to a few of our favourite titles and characters…

Flip Flap Dinosaurs

What do you get if you cross a mighty T-Rex with a fearsome Triceratops? A Tyrannotops of course!

Alex Schefflers Flip Flap Dinosaurs Board Book is aimed at pre-school children and is filled with roarsome rhymes and exciting illustrations.

This new Flip Flap book allows children to create their own seriously silly and muddled-up dinosaurs, providing endless fun and giggles for all. Interactive, hilarious, and engaging, Flip Flap Dinosaurs is guaranteed to have your little one roaring and stomping with laughter.

Flip Flap Dinosaurs

Peter Rabbit: A Fluffy Easter Tale Touch and Feel Board Book

The Bookspeed Peter Rabbit: A Fluffy Easter Tale Touch and Feel Board Book invites your little one to join everyone’s favourite furry friend, Peter Rabbit, on his Easter adventure.

In this charming touch and feel book, your little one can hop along with Peter as he embarks on his egg hunt, but instead, makes an unexpected furry discovery…

With a range of sensory and tactile elements on every page, and a simple, yet engaging story to follow along with, this board book is the perfect tale for this time of year.

Peter Rabbit: A Fluffy Easter Tale Touch and Feel Board Book

A Little Bit Brave

The Bookspeed Little Bit Brave Board Book is a gorgeous and humorous picture book designed to remind us that we are all not just a little bit, but a lot braver than we think…

Logan is a fearful stay-at-home bunny, who has never before ventured out of his burrow, but it’s time for him to head out into the world and explore the amazing and beautiful things it has to offer. Reluctantly, Logan finds the courage to hop into the unknown, and your little one is the perfect little adventurer to join him and help him on his way.

A Little Bit Brave

The Smeds And The Smoos

The Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler is an out-of-this-world board book that lets your little one jet off into space and join two young aliens on their quest for love.

From the creators of The Gruffalo and Stick Man, this tale follows The Smeds (red), and the Smoos (blue), who have never been allowed to mix. When a young Smed and Smoo fall in love, their families disapprove and tried to break off the romance, but love conquers all in the end!

The Smeds And The Smoos

Find Your Happy

Let me show you how to find your happy…

Bookspeed’s Find Your Happy is alive with vibrant illustrations, practical tips and life lessons for young children. From the author and creator of You Are Incredible Just As You Are, this uplifting book of feelings explains that although feeling happy is a wonderful thing, sometimes, it’s okay to feel angry, or sad, or shy.

Everyone feels scared and sad sometimes, but with a little help from Sloth and the people you love, this book teaches that there’s always a way to find your happy.

Find Your Happy

Peppa Pig: Easter At The Farm Touch And Feel Book

Our favourite pink piggy pal is spending Easter At The Farm this year, and with this colourful and sensory touch and feel playbook, your little one can join in on the fun!

Peppa and her friends have just arrived at the petting farm to celebrate Easter, and they are on the hunt for eggs to paint and decorate. Your little one must help them to look for the eggs, while stroking fluffy feathers, petting the guinea pigs’ soft fur, and gently touching the pretty flower petals along the way.

A funny and exciting story, filled with our favourite familiar friends, is guaranteed to entertain and excite your little one this season.

Peppa Pig: Easter At The Farm Touch And Feel Book

Dear Zoo Flap Picture Book

“I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet…”

Dear Zoo is an engaging lift-the-flap picture book designed for young kids to introduce them to all different kinds of animals from lions, to elephants, to monkeys.

Young children will love lifting the flaps to discover the crazy and wild animals sent by the zoo – it’s sure to get them laughing! Will they ever manage to find the perfect pet?

Dear Zoo

That’s Not My Lamb: Touchy Feely Board Book

Bookspeed’s That’s Not My Lamb Touchy Feely Board Book is a cute and cuddly story perfect for babies and toddlers.

The simple and easy to follow narrative, and the furry and soft textures are a delight to explore, and even tiny babies will be able to reach out and touch them.

That's Not My Lamb

Audio Players

If you are interested in introducing your little one to a new way of storytelling, try out our Tonies or Yoto audio players.


Tonies is an innovative audio system that lives in over 1 million homes around the world: the Toniebox. Designed to encourage your little one's imagination and reduce their screen time as much as possible, the Toniebox is a music player that can be used independently by your child to enjoy stories and songs with the help of their favourite collectible characters. Tonies has also designed stylish headphones and carriers so you can listen to music on the move, or even create your own fun audio together.

With familiar Disney favourites such as Moana, Nemo, Mickey and Elsa, to storybook characters like The Gruffalo, whatever your child is into, there’s a Tonie for them.Tonies The Gruffalo


Yoto is a creative and innovative way for your little one to listen to and enjoy stories, while avoiding and reducing screen time. Yoto boasts an integrated battery, stereo sound, Bluetooth and a variety of other play models.

This is complemented by an ever-growing library of content featuring some of the very best children’s audio from authors such as Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl and Judith Kerr plus a selection of music, podcasts, radio and more.

We hope we have given you plenty of World Book Day inspiration, so you can encourage your little bookworm to feed their imaginations and read their way.

If you’re looking for new titles to add to your little one’s bookshelves in time for World Book Day, shop our new in books.