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We trust that every product here at Natural Baby Shower is best for baby, parent and the planet however, we also know that the value in receiving first-hand experience from parents is priceless!

So, when our Head Buyer, Katie went on maternity leave, we couldn't wait to hear her experience as a new mama, and help feedback on some of the items being she was trying out with her little one.

Read on to discover what she had to say about everything from breast pumps, to bottles to changing accessories and more…

Breast pumps

Lola & Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump

I have truly loved this pump! It operates so well, easy to clean and use plus, keeps charged for a very long time. I really appreciated that it had settings for different amounts of power, so every time you want to begin pumping, you can start on the slowest setting and then increase when you feel like it, making it a more pleasant experience which you can ease yourself into.

You can even pump straight into the storage bags or bottle which makes this much easier and involves less steps, perfect if you have a fussy newborn or multitasking when out and about. I have rarely used the bottle that it comes with for feeding but does allow you to pop it straight in the fridge to store for later in the day.  

Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump

Like the Lola & Lykke, this Fraupow pump is also very good however, its main difference is that it’s wearable so, you can get on with anything from cleaning the kitchen to making a tea during night feeds all while your hands are free. I would say this is a lifesaver, especially during the night time as I’m able to feed while pumping at the same time, meaning less time awake at 2am and more time getting us both off back to sleep!

It is slightly more difficult to clean than the Lola & Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump but is still easy to use. I found that the charge doesn’t last quite as long but still perfectly adequate for what you would expect. It’s slightly less comfortable than the Lola & Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump, due to the cup shape which makes it a bit tricker to get in the right place. Though this may differ depending on the shape of each breastfeeding mama, I found that you can’t always see how much you’re expressing compared with the Lola & Lykke.

Although I believe this is common with all wearable pumps due to the more compact shape. This pump starts on the setting that you left it on so, if you had it turned up quite high at the end of the last pump, it will automatically turn onto this setting which can be a bit of a shock. 

In summary, I think they are both very handy pumps. If you are planning on only pumping every now and then as to build up a stash then I think I would choose the Lola & Lykke Smart Electric pump, however if you were pumping a lot, then I 100% recommend the Fraupow. Plus, you can’t deny, a wearable pump for £80 is amazing!


Mama Shack changing mat

I purchased the Mama Shack Anti Roll Mat and we love it! It follows us all round the house depending on what room we choose to change in and it’s super easy to keep clean. I can tell that is also nice, thick and comfy for my little baby as he seems super happy and content when being laid down on it. Because it’s quite light, I also find that moving it from room to room – even with a little one in hand – is a breeze. I love the patterns of the Mama Shack range and chose one that complements our safari-themed nursery.


The Ecoriginals nappies are so good, especially when you think they are completely compostable and made from bamboo!  One thing I would say is they can be a little harder to get on as the back doesn’t seem as wide as other brands I’ve tried. This may be due to sizing and needing to size up a little bit to make it a little easier to fasten. However, I found that it’s still perfectly adequate and the best part it I had absolutely no leaks – which was a surprise as I’ve tried other eco-friendly options that weren’t so absorbent. 

The Ecoriginals wipes were also great! I had bought some biodegradable wipes from another shop, and these are so much better - a lot bigger and thicker meaning you need less per change. They are also wet but not too wet, which is good because I think that when they are too wet, they can make things messier. 


Ergobaby Mesh 360

We go for a walk most mornings and use the Ergobaby Mesh 360 carrier. We love exploring some of the woodland tracks nearby, and our little one sleeps the whole time in the carrier! It's really comfy and easy to use once all tightened, which is great for different body types as both me and my partner use it. We went for a lovely long walk recently, and it was a great that both baby, dad and I were all happy. 

Studio Romeo Duo carrier

I use the Duo carrier by Studio Romeo at home a lot as it's so good for when I need my hands free to start cooking dinner. I pop him in there and he goes straight to sleep so, I can start chopping etc. It's so quick to get on, so I can grab it quickly if baby starts getting a little grumpy and put him in. Only thing is I am not sure how long it will last as I'm quite tall so feel like it may be snug as he grows bigger. I found out  Many of the NCT mums have a wrap carrier and use them all the time, a couple of the babies only stop crying when they are in the carrier really so they just wear it all day and pop them in and out.

Sleep time

Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag

As a sleeping bag I really like that baby always looks so cosy in the Purflo Swaddle to Sleep. Plus, it's easy for me to get him in and out as it zips right round and up to the neck. I don't think the poppers that can make it shorter are really needed as my little one fits it well. Then again, I am not sure if he is just long but it would definitely be too short for him if poppered up. Also I think it would be hard to secure in this instance as you have to do up the poppers once they are in the sleeping bag and zipped up - which would make it difficult as the poppers are on the back.

Also, as the bottom is shaped in to two different feet section sometimes he gets all caught with both feet in one side but it doesn't seem to bother him. I like the mesh panels as I do think it helps to keep him cool in the warmer nights for night feeds.  For me, it didn't work as a swaddle bag with the arms done up, I did try but it looked really tight on him so have just been using it as the sleep bag. 

Merino Kids Cocooi Sleeping Bag

I love the Merino Kids range for the super soft material and temperature regulating properties of merino wool. However, when I got to see the Merino Kids Cocooi bag snuggling a real baby, I think my little one always looks so cosy! The newborn size has been a good fit plus, it has also washed really well (we use a lot with Purflo one).

It is a little trickier to get on compared with the Purflo as it has to be pulled over the head rather than unzips to the top but when baby is still super light, it's not too hard to manoeuvre. 

Snuzpod 4

We are so glad to have our Snuzpod 4 as baby always sleeps in there really well! I love how the side unzips so I can also check on him easily and see what he's up to in the middle of the night. The bar at the end is also really useful as I hang a muslin and a blanket over it at night so I can easily grab when needed.

The sheets have washed really well and so has the mattress protector - no shrinkage which is great as I'd heard this can happen with some baby bedding. The only thing I would say is, I find that the pocket organiser is a little on the small side so I haven't been able to store much.


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