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Bugaboo Fox2 Pushchair Review

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The Bugaboo Fox has just had a make over to make it even better! Meet the new Bugaboo Fox2, featuring new and improved features to create the comfiest ride yet. With a new lightweight design, advanced suspension and easy one handed steering, we couldn’t wait to put it to the test with one of our trusted parent testers. Keep reading to hear what she made of the brand new Bugaboo Fox2.


Bugaboo stroller

Parent Tester – Tammy Stevenson

I have recently been sent the newest Bugaboo stroller to test out with my youngest son Avery (age 1 year). I was really surprised by just how quickly everything arrived since any post recently has been pretty delayed due to COVID. The packages from Natural Baby Shower arrived quickly and really well packaged. As you can see both Avery and I couldn't wait to get stuck in and start building up the new Bugaboo Fox 2. 

Bugaboo stroller
Bugaboo Fox2

The Bugaboo Fox2 comes with several different parts and packages that have to be built up together. There are clear and easy to follow instructions included which makes building the pushchair really easy. The frame comes together with the seat frame and wheels which can all just be clicked into place. The smaller package contains both the bassinet structuring and fabric along with the seat frame and fabric. I decided to set up the bassinet first even though Avery is older than it can be used for. It was really simple to put together with sliding mechanisms inside the chair frame giving a great sleek look and hiding away any connections without compromising security.

Bugaboo Pushchair

The bassinet features two handy pockets on the side near the handle of the pram to make for easy storage of things you need quick access to. It would be really good for storing bibs, muslin squares or other essentials you always end up searching your bag for!

I then set about changing the bassinet to the seat so we could get started using the Bugaboo Fox2. The changeover was effortless, and each piece was easy to remove or add. To use the seat, you need to add the structure into the frame first. It all slides onto the seat frame in the same way the bassinet did and clicks into place. The seat fabric is added over the top and the five-point harness pulled through the fabric ready for use. You just need to add on the hood from the Style Set, I had gone with the Steel Blue colour. We were all set to go as soon as I added on the safety bar that clicks into place. 

Bugaboo Pushchair

As you can see Avery was delighted to get out on his first journey in the Bugaboo Fox2 on a walk with the whole family in our area. I was pleasantly surprised by just how lightweight the pushchair is, it's effortless to push even with Avery inside which is a very welcome change from our double pram! 

Bugaboo Lightweight pushchair

The Bugaboo Fox 2 has some fantastic features but there are two which are by far my favourites. The first is one that all parents are sure to appreciate, a flip flop friendly brake. Now this may sound pretty odd if you have never attempted to wear flip flops while locking and unlocking a pushchair brake but believe me this is revolutionary in terms of summer time use! The brake is simply pushed down with your foot for both locking and unlocking. The position of the brake is really handy since it is close to the left wheel and easy to locate without looking down.

Bugaboo Fox2

The second feature is the all-terrain wheels which are specially designed to let you navigate over all kinds of surfaces with ease. I absolutely love that we can simply go from walking on a path to grass to bark without worry or even much effort. With two older children I often find myself taking our pushchair onto grass, bark and even stone pathways to explore with them too. When you pair the all-terrain wheels with the beach mode, the Bugaboo Fox 2 is definitely a winner in my books!

Bugaboo Fox2

Bugaboo Fox2 Review

There are plenty of areas where the bugaboo can be personalised with accessories including a holding mechanism for the buggy board which will certainly be on our, to purchase list before winter! I have to say that I am really impressed by the Bugaboo Fox2, it's versatile and provides everything I can imagine I would need in a pushchair. Overall I would recommend the Fox2 to parents without a second thought. It is a fantastic pushchair that can adapt well.

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