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Bugaboo Fox 3 vs Lynx

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If you’re one of many parents looking for a Bugaboo companion to help with life on the move, you’re in luck! Bugaboo house a fantastic pushchair portfolio perfect to suit every family, with the Bugaboo Fox - most recently the Fox 3 - becoming a product staple in the Bugaboo range.

However, for those looking for the Fox 3 in a more affordable package, let’s take a moment to appreciate the Bugaboo Lynx. The Lynx stroller offers the perfect dupe of the Fox 3 and is ideal to suit many of your family’s needs. 

When Bugaboo launched the Lynx in late 2019, at first glance it was the double of the Fox. However, on closer inspection, you’ll see there are a few differences that separate these two pushchairs. Read on to discover the parallels and discrepancies between these two strollers…

Bugaboo Fox 3
The ultimate comfort stroller with power steering

The Bugaboo Fox range has been fortified 3 times over and is engineered to perfection. It offers the most luxurious, premium materials with the widest range of accessories and colours to customise.

Its all-wheel suspension makes for one of the smoothest rides on the market, absorbing any bump or hump to become the ultimate comfort stroller. Better yet, included with the Fox 3 you’ll find an overnight sleep approved roomy bassinet ready to go from day one.

Bugaboo Lynx
The lightest full-size stroller

The Bugaboo Lynx is the lightest full-size stroller in the Bugaboo portfolio and often regarded a very close dupe of the Fox 3 in design. The sporty edge in its design lets you easily manoeuvre through all tight spaces, while the spacious interior grows with your child with plenty of extra storage.

The Bugaboo Lynx offers the greatest value in a full-size stroller only without the luxury of an overnight bassinet, a true testament to Bugaboo’s engineering.


One piece fold

Both the Bugaboo Lynx and the Fox 3 can fold in one piece and stand when folded for convenient storage and ease when lifting, for anything such as carrying up the stairs or placing into a car boot. While the folding triggers are considered more ergonomic on the Fox 3, the Lynx features the same foldaway mechanism, only without the ability to release the triggers from a standing position.

Travel system compatible

The Bugaboo Fox 3 and Lynx strollers offer the ability to interchange the chassis with a car seat, bassinet, and seat unit! So, you can enjoy the ultimate pushchair and travel system package with the bonus of accommodating an on-the-go lifestyle. 

Both the Lynx and Fox 3 connect with Bugaboo's car seat, the Turtle One, using car seat adapters.

5-point, no re-thread harness

This belt features saves so much time and frustration as your little one grows - what seems to feel like an inch every day! The best thing is, as it features across many of Bugaboo’s strollers, you’ll find this on both the Fox 3 and the Lynx.

Large under seat storage basket

With these strollers designed for the trials of everyday life, they both offer fabulous practicality with a large, robust under seat basket. Both the Bugaboo Fox 3 and Lynx can hold up to 10kg of storage with a 30L capacity, enough for every outing or grocery shop! 

Reclining seat unit

These strollers both feature a handy reversible seat with a 3-position recline, which allows your little rider to sit comfortably and you to adjust with the ultimate in convenience. The Lynx recline is 2 handed, while the Fox has a 1-hand actuated recline. 


Price point

While the Lynx and the Fox 3 boast a myriad of similar features and on first look could be mistaken for each other, it is their price points that truly set them apart. The Lynx is significantly cheaper, with the pushchair retailing at £676 compared with the Fox 3 at £1,115.

As a recent launch, the more premium price is to be expected with the Fox 3 whilst the older model such as the Fox 2 offers better affordability. However, there’s no denying that the Lynx is by far a brilliant budget-friendly dupe of the Fox 3 – what’s not to love?


The Fox3 Breezy bassinet comes with a few added features, including premium fabrics that are soft to the touch, and a new ventilation system. The transparent mesh detailing in the bassinet gives your baby the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the outside world.


It should be noted that as multi-terrain travel systems go, there aren’t many quite as light as the Bugaboo Fox 3 and Lynx. Averaging below a 10kg pushchair weight, they both offer great portability for any parent however, it is the Lynx that comes out on top in this department! As a slightly lighter stroller at 9.4kg compared with the Fox 3 9.9kg, this is a sure bonus for this more economical stroller!


The Lynx features front-wheel suspension, whereas the Fox 3 has all-wheel suspension, making it that little bit easier to manoeuvre on rough terrain or sharp turns. Although, the Fox 3 has slightly bigger wheels, the dimensions are almost identical, offering a larger wheel at the back compared to the front for easy handling over curbs and rougher terrain.

Specifications overview



Bugaboo Lynx

Bugaboo Fox 3

RRP (£)



Folded Dimensions

60 x 60 x 88 cm

47 x 60 x 90 cm 




Reversible Seat




Large UPF50+ sun canopy with peekaboo window

Large UPF 50+ canopy with peekaboo window & Breezy panel

Lockable Front Wheels



Adjustable Handlebar



Seat weight capacity (kg)



Basket Capacity (kg)





Front-Wheel Suspension

All-wheel suspension


The Bugaboo Fox 3 and the Lynx are undoubtedly two great options for strollers. In fact, it’s reasonably difficult to pit these two strollers against each other, as they are arguably very similar in what they offer. Although Bugaboo market the Lynx as their amazingly light full-size stroller, the Fox 3 is designed to offers a luxurious edge that combines comfortable ride with the smoothest push. Yet, elements such a front-wheel suspension found in the Bugaboo Lynx also provides the smooth ride you’d expect from a well-made pushchair. 

This then leads us onto the price, potentially the biggest factor in differentiating between the Bugaboo Fox 3 and the Lynx. With 20% off now on the Bugaboo Lynx at Natural Baby Shower, this stroller is considerably cheaper than the Fox 3 – over £500 to be exact! We think this is fantastic if you’re a parent shopping on a budget, without wanting to compromise on features.