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Boori = Why choose solid wood

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Boori creates lovely nursery furniture inspired by traditional and contemporary designs, carefully selected highest quality grade woods are used for their beautiful nursery furniture. For over 20 years Boori’s skilled craftsmen have been refining their production to make Boori the perfect nursery furniture choice.

Beyond their craftsman, Boori also put a lot of thought and consideration into the wood they choose for their products. Their product team travel the world to seek out the best timbers, they look for trees with beautiful, even grains and with less tendency towards knots or imperfections. They also choose wood that is hard-wearing enough to withstand the knocks of every day life with children - the timbers are chosen for their strength and durability. Keep reading to find out why you should choose Boori’s solid wood designs.

Boori = Why choose solid wood

Why Choose Solid Wood?

As you start to prepare for parenthood, you’ll become increasingly aware of the multitude of decisions awaiting you. Choosing your little one’s nursery furniture should be a fun and rewarding task, but where do you start and how do you know what’s best for them?

As well as design choices, you’ll find that there are many different materials to choose from. We stock Boori nursery furniture as they always favour the most natural resources available, using premium, solid wood wherever possible in their furniture. Here are just some of the reasons why you may want to choose solid wood for your new arrival’s nursery…


As a proud Australian brand, Araucaria is the obvious choice to be used across the majority of Boori products. As well as being strong and durable, the uniformity of Araucaria’s grain and texture means it creates a consistently beautiful product. Boori’s latest nursery furniture collections are then coated with their new Eco-Blend Bio-Paint. This unique blend is an environmentally-friendly paint finish made with renewable, non-toxic plant extracts including soy bean and corn. This rich blend further enhances the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and the natural ingredients mean your home will be kept clean, safe and free from nasty chemicals.




When choosing solid wood furniture, you can be certain that your nursery will be unique. No two pieces of wood are the same; annual rings, knots and grains all ensure that each piece of wood we select is as unique as the tree it came from.


Nursery furniture should be designed to be treasured for years to come. With the help of Boori’s innovative technology and conversion kits, their Expandable™ cot beds can easily be transformed into a single bed and their ConvertiblePlus™ cot beds can become a double bed and cosy sofa to suit your family’s changing needs. For these unique pieces to stand the test of time, they need to be crafted from a strong, durable medium and only real solid wood can truly withstand the bumps and knocks of family life.

Boori = Why choose solid wood


Wood offers a natural, renewable material. Many brands claim to use wood in their furniture but it’s hard to determine if their wood comes from sustainable sources. Boori are committed to minimizing their effect on the world’s tree population and ensure they only select timbers from FSC-certified sources. As well as choosing sustainable wood, they are also dedicated to reducing the waste produced by their manufacturing process. They use state-of-the-art laser measuring technology to optimise the wood and use as much of it as possible. As no part of the timber goes to waste, they use fewer trees to make their products.


We’re devoted to protecting your home environment and our planet. By using Greenguard GOLD certified paint finishes and solid wood, Boori have created furniture that won’t emit any nasty chemicals or contribute to the air pollution in your nursery. Solid wood is comprised of 100% wood and therefore doesn’t need to be held together with resins or adhesives which are often made with harsh plastics.

Your nursery furniture is such an important part of this exciting journey. As well as looking beautiful you want to be sure that your furniture is going to withstand family life and keep your little one safe.

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