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BIBS bundle set review

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Premium Danish baby brand BIBS offer super cute, ethically produced and sustainable pacifiers, bibs and accessories. Designed with baby in mind, each pacifier has been crafted from the ergonomics of a baby's mouth to efficiently soothe and calm a little one.

Their 40 year history tells of their success, with the iconic Round Colour Pacifier loved by parents worldwide. All BIBS pacifiers boast the best materials and are carefully designed and manufactured in Denmark whereby they are committed to helping the environment.

Despite BIBS' renowned reputation, we wanted to know what one of our parent testers thought of this 'baby soothe and accessorise' bundle. Here's what they had to say...

Parent tester - Tanya

I was so excited to have the opportunity to be a parent tester for this product. I have loved testing, photographing and reviewing the BIBS bundle which included the Try-it Mixed Pacifier Collection, Linking Loops and Bandana.

BIBS world soother bundle

Linking Loops

We absolutely love these loops! My baby has recently started teething and he loves to chew on them. These loops keep him entertained for ages as they move freely and he can pull them apart, perfect to chuck in your changing bag. One thing I would change is I think adding different textures to the loops would make them a lovely sensory experience for babies.

bibs linking toy
baby linking toybibs linking toy teether

Try-it Mixed Pacifier Collection

I love that there’s four dummies in the try-it pack with different shaped teats, made from both latex and silicone. I would recommend purchasing a pack of these whilst your baby is a newborn to see which dummy shape and feel they like best before purchasing one type and risk your baby not liking it! The sage colour is gorgeous and as expected from the photos.

BIBS World round soother
BIBS round dummy

The packaging also included a handy leaflet which tells you about the different dummies. This would make a lovely baby shower gift for an expecting parent! The designs of these dummies are lovely and unique, they really stand out and look fabulous.

soother set
BIBS world sage pacifier


My first impression when taking this bandana bib out the packaging was WOW, it’s so soft! Made from 100% cotton it’s a lovely soft muslin material, perfect for mopping up dribble. My baby has recently started teething and this bib has been lovely and soft around his delicate neck skin whilst keeping his clothes protected from dribble. I like that there are two poppers on the neck for adjustable tightness.

Bandana bib
baby bandana bib

Overall, we are so impressed with the bib and the bundle as a whole, we can’t wait to buy more. 

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