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Behind the design with Thule

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We’ve got a whole host of amazing products stocked here at Natural Baby Shower with many featuring their very own distinguishable design and brand identity. That’s why it’s important to take a closer look at the details that go into making every product, because each one is unique!

Thule have just launched the Thule Shine stroller – a wonderful urban stroller that delved into a new market for this typically sport-driven brand. Despite this, Thule’s extensive knowledge of high-performance design is entirely infused into the Shine. So, we spoke with the team at Thule, to understand exactly what was involved when designing this city stroller…

blog Behind the design with Thule

Thule design story

Thule are somewhat new to the UK pushchair market, yet they have been creating quality, environmentally sound products for many years. Founded in 1942 from Hillerstorp, a small town located in the middle of the forests of Småland, southern Sweden, the Thule design story began with bike racks, luggage and roof boxes, now they design fantastic pushchairs. Watch below to see the Thule story in action.

Thule Shine

Before we hear from the team at Thule, let's recap on some of the features you'll find on the Thule Shine...

As a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-handle stroller, the Thule Shine is perfect for navigating urban spaces. Yet, it doesn't compromise on premium features with padded and reversible reclining seat and large ventilated and extendable canopy. To compliment the large UPF50+ canopy, the classic black chassis contrasts well with vibrant fabrics, which can be personalised from a choice of 4 colours; Misty Rose, Alaska Blue, Black or Grey Melange and is completed with a sleek reflective strip that nods to it's active heritage. 

Like all city strollers, the Thule Shine maximises on comfort and convenience with its small footprint pushed and packed up with just one hand! However, with the stroller’s large 10 kg capacity basket, you can rest assured that there's plenty of space to store all your on-board essentials for any day out. The stroller also offers ultimate convenience and longevity when combined with a variety of versatile accessories; it can grow with child from birth with the bassinet or become an on-the-go travel companion with car seat adapters. 

It's no surprise that Thule have made sure to focus on exploring life outdoors, as this city stroller is equipped with four wheel suspension that absorbs any bumps and curbs you might face.  Better yet, when all the adventuring for the day is done, the Thule Shine can then be stored efficiently with its self-standing design that optimises on space.

Thule shine city stroller

Q&A with Thule

Now we've delved into what the Thule Shine stroller has set out to achieve, let's find out what Emma Peak, Thule's marketing manager had to say about the design of the Thule Shine...

What is your role at Thule?

Active with Kids UK Sales and Marketing Manager

Talk to us about the development process behind the design/ what testing did you undergo? 

Design and functionality are key to what we do at Thule. As well as looking stylish, our products need to be multi-functional to suit the needs of the modern parent. You’ll notice that we have added more and more colour to our range. This is all selected to be in-line with current trends and fashions, giving customers a lot more options in our already slick product line.

As a brand, we pride ourselves on the fact we test our products above and beyond the stated industry standard. We have our very own Thule Test Centre™ in Hillerstorp, Sweden. Here, products go through extreme testing. That means exposure to everything, from desert heat to arctic cold, water resistance, drop tests, and wind tunnels to tensile, shock, and crash tests.

The Thule Test Program™ includes over 25 Thule Test Standards that far exceed the current ISO standard. As part of our product testing, our products are used by Thule Crew, who can test them to the extreme in real life. Every single day. 

What sets the new Thule Shine design apart from the old design? 

Just like all our other strollers, the Thule Shine has been built of the key pillars which make a Thule Stroller. Ease of use, excellent manoeuvrability, award winning design and style and comfort for parent and child. This time, it's on four wheels.

thule shine travel system

What’s your favourite feature of the Thule Shine 2022?

The most compact fold is when the stroller is parent facing!

Plus, the cargo basket has capacity for up to 10kg, more than most pushchairs on the market, which is a great addition! The stroller’s cargo basket ensures that none of the essentials are left behind for your days out, offering flexibility if shopping needs to be picked up on the way home. When you’re all done adventuring for the day, you can store the Thule Shine efficiently with its self-standing design which optimises space in your city apartment.

Thule inspires others to lead a more active outdoor lifestyle, how do your products help to steadily reduce the impact on climate change and the environment? 

We offer products that inspire a healthy and active lifestyle, are safe and easy to use, with minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycles. We also ensure climate-smart and efficient manufacturing. When choosing suppliers, it is incredibly important to us that we take into account the environment, human rights, and good working conditions. 

Why is the Thule Shine so great for those living an outdoors/active lifestyle? What about the design makes it good for this?

The Thule Shine stroller lets parents take on the rush of city life with their child from day one. The stroller’s lightweight, compact, and easy-to-handle design is perfect for navigating urban spaces, whilst uncompromising its premium features. The Thule Shine includes a padded and reversible reclining seat, large ventilated and extendable canopy, and a built-in adjustable leg rest for safe and comfortable cruising.

The compact design of the Thule Shine allows parents to smoothly manoeuvre any space, whether it’s heading to a city park or steering through a crowded train station. Maximising comfort and convenience for parents, the stroller can be pushed and packed up with just one hand. In seconds, fold up the Thule Shine to jump in a taxi or dip into a coffee shop.

thule shine colourway

More from Thule

For more than 75 years, Thule has been creating solutions to simplify life’s adventures. From bike racks, luggage, roof boxes and pushchairs, they are committed to developing smart products that are environmentally sound, high quality, safe and easy to use. We house a fabulous collection of Thule pushchairs and accessories that are perfect for every active family, city stroller and everyone in-between so you’re sure to find the perfect companion to suit your lifestyle. 

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