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Behind the design with Silver Cross

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Whenever we’re introduced to a brand-new stroller, car seat or travel cot, sometimes we are only able to appreciate the end product. However, behind every parenting item here at Natural Baby Shower, you’ll find there’s hours of hard work, innovative design and perfected prototypes which bring our customers the very best for parent, baby and the planet.

That’s one of the many reasons we love Silver Cross, and their incredible product range who have shone the spotlight on the amazing design team behind the all-new Dune and Reef strollers. Silver Cross recently caught up with their Design Manager Luke, for all the insider knowledge on how these strollers came to life and what it means 'for the next generation of Silver Cross'.

Before we delve into the mechanics with Design Manager, Luke, let’s remind ourselves what the all new Dune and Reef strollers have to offer...

Silver Cross Dune Stroller

Dune is Silver Cross' new compact, feature-packed travel system designed for urban families or those looking for an intelligent, space-saving pushchair. Suitable from newborn, Dune’s world-class manoeuvrability and minimalist style is designed to allow parents to take on the city, hassle-free.

Silver Cross Reef Stroller

Reef, on the other hand is Silver Cross' multi-terrain travel system, offering the best in baby comfort and parent practicality. Newborn-ready, Reef features a full lie-flat seat as well as the unique Silver Cross Genius harness system.

World-class suspension and never-wear tyres ensure a comfortable ride for parents and baby, perfect for suburban exploring! The Reef colourway also boasts a visually striking palette with metallic surfaces and unique recycled fabrics designed to heighten luxury.

Q&A with Luke Mallinder, Design Manager at Silver Cross

Now you know a little more on what the strollers have set out to achieve, let's find out what the team behind creating them has to say about it.

What’s your role at Silver Cross?

I’m the Design Manager for Hardware. I'm head of a talented team of product designers and work closely with them and our design director to create amazing products – such as travel systems and car seats to strollers and accessories. One day, I'm developing a new mechanism for one of our pushchairs, the next I’m presenting concepts to the wider teams. Each day is different in our department, with so many projects and developments to be working on.

What are the key differences between Dune and Reef?

In terms of their innovation, Dune and Reef have many similarities. The differences arise when it comes to environments they’re best suited to, and the stunning fabrics and complementing hardwares that are used throughout each design.

The Silver Cross Dune is the urban and contemporary travel system, designed to suit city living. Suitable from birth onwards, its recycled jersey fabrics make this pushchair super lightweight. This, combined with a compact wheel system, gives the Dune great manoeuvrability, perfect for navigating busy streets and tight corners.

Designed to tackle any terrain, the Reef is our newborn-ready multi-terrain travel system. The Reef’s fabrics are also made from recycled materials however, feature a premium woven feel. The wheels and frame are also bigger so ideal for taking on all adventures.

The Dune and Reef strollers have been in development for three years, can you talk us through the process?

Before we start any on any new product, we make sure to establish a clear design brief. This can then set the deliverables and include all the necessary information to embody the Silver Cross brand. We work through something known as a concept design stage, which uses a mix of research and inspiration to create the aesthetic of the product. This then helps us to progress in developing the design through sketching, 3D CAD, prototyping and engineering. When the design is finalised, we move to manufacturing and rigorously testing the safety of our prototypes to ensure every one of our products are both safe and durable. 

There’s a new logo featured across both strollers, what is it?

The new Silver Cross logo is designed to complement our infamous ‘script’ logo with a refresh. The design displays an ‘S’ and a ‘C’ that are both interlinked to create a cross. Some interpretations of the design include a ‘kiss’ or a fabric stitch. We've featured the new logo on both the hardware and fabric elements, so make sure to keep an eye out! 

Dune and Reef are described as ‘the next generation’ of Silver Cross – what sets them apart?

The whole design team and the wider Silver Cross family have loved putting the Dune and Reef projects together. Silver Cross has always been specialists when it comes to the attention to detail of its products and services, but with Dune and Reef we’ve been able to take this to another level!

We’re very proud of how we’ve seamlessly integrated hardwares and fabrics. There’s a sustainability message behind each travel system, alongside the highest level of innovation seen currently on the nursery market.

From the telescopic handle that always stays off the ground when folded, to the magnetic Genius™ harness system, on every inch of the Dune and Reef you see the level of care and precision taken to create these outstanding pushchairs. 

You’ve also developed a unique Compact Folding Carrycot – can you tell us more about this?

As a from-birth travel solution, our Compact Folding Carrycot is leading the nursery industry in terms of style, comfort and usability. It's one of five lightweight newborn options offered across Dune and Reef strollers and is ideal for travel, or if you’re limited on storage space at home.

Inspired by origami paper folding, the carrycot is able to fold quickly and to a compact size so it can be stored in its accompanying carry bag. Better yet, when you’re out exploring, it can easily attach to the Dune chassis for quick trips and short stretches.

What’s your favourite part of the design process?

While I love so many elements of my job, the one thing I especially enjoy is seeing a design move from the computer screen or sketchpad to three-dimensions. That’s when it truly comes to life and everyones hard work pays off.

For the next generation

It's no secret that the Dune and Reef feature some of Silver Cross' most innovative design to date. Continuing their focus on creating a more sustainable world for the next generations, we love that the team behind the Dune and Reef have delivered on including specially designed recyclable, FSC certified packaging to reduce waste.