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A Beginner's Guide to Baby Carriers

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Welcome to the wonderful world of babywearing! Whether you're a first-time parent or looking to upgrade your current baby carrier, finding the right one can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life.

From the freedom it offers to the closeness it fosters, babywearing is a game-changer for many families. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best carrier for you and your baby? Here's your ultimate guide to help you make an informed decision.

The benefits of babywearing

Before diving into the specifics of different types of carriers, let’s talk about why babywearing is so beneficial.

Babywearing is beneficial for babies due to many different reasons, one being their comfort and security. Babies find comfort in being close to their parents, which can reduce crying and promote a sense of security. As well as comfort, babywearing can aid your child's physical development, supporting healthy spinal and hip development - particularly when the carrier maintains an ergonomic position.

Being close to a parent helps in the development of a strong emotional bond between mum/dad, and baby - which is essential for the baby’s emotional wellbeing. Babies who are worn frequently hear more conversations and interact more with their environment, which can boost cognitive and speech development. 

Not only is babywearing beneficial for the baby, but it can provide a variety of benefits for you as parents too. Wearing your baby frees up your hands for daily tasks, making it much easier for you to multitask. The ease of movement that a baby carrier provides means that you can navigate crowded places, public transport or rough terrain with ease, compared to using a stroller. Close physical contact strengthens the bond between parent and child, fostering a deeper connection.

Types of baby carriers

Soft structured carriers

These carriers come with padded shoulder straps and a waistband, secured with buckles for ease of use. 

Best for: Versatility and longevity. Suitable from infancy to toddlerhood, depending on the model.


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Provides excellent weight distribution.
  • Adjustable to fit various body types. 

Stretchy wraps

Long pieces of fabric that stretch and wrap around your body. 

Best for: Newborns and young infants.


  • Snug fit that mimics the womb environment.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Affordable and versatile. 

Ring slings

A long piece of fabric threaded through two rings, worn over one shoulder.

Best for: Quick and easy carries, suitable for newborns to toddlers. 


  • Adjustable and easy to use once mastered.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Suitable for breastfeeding on the go. 

Woven wraps

Non-stretchy fabric wraps that offer excellent support. 

Best for: All ages, from newborns to toddlers. 


  • Highly versatile with various carrying positions.
  • Provides excellent weight distribution.
  • Available in many sizes and patterns.

Key considerations when choosing a baby carrier


Ensure the carrier provides adequate support for your baby’s spine, head and airways. The carrier should allow your baby to sit in an ‘M’ position to promote healthy hip development.


Look for carriers that distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, back and hips. Padding and adjustability can greatly enhance comfort for extended wear.

Ease of use

Consider how easy it is to put on and take off the carrier by yourself. Practice makes perfect, but some designs are inherently simpler than others.


Think about the longevity of the carrier. Some are designed to grow with your baby, offering multiple carry positions as your child develops.

Climate suitability

Consider the material of the carrier. Breathable fabrics are ideal for warm climates, while thicker materials can provide warmth in cooler environments.

Personal style

Choose a carrier that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. Your comfort and style preferences will impact how often you use the carrier.

Here are some of the baby carriers our experts from Natural Baby Shower recommend:

MiniMeis [NEW IN]

The MiniMeis G5 Shoulder Carrier in Olive Premium is a parenting game-changer. Designed by Norwegian dads and loved by little ones, the MiniMeis G5 is the ultimate accessory for active, urban and adventurous families.

Winner of multiple awards, the MiniMeis G5 allows your little one to experience the world from the best view possible – safely perched on your shoulders. From 6 months to 4 years old, with a maximum weight limit of 18 kg or 40 lbs, this shoulder carrier is perfect for all of your family adventures.

Wildride [NEW IN]

The Wildride Toddler Carrier in Zebra is an excellent alternative to the buggy or stroller. This trendy hip carrier offers ergonomic wearing comfort and is ideal for taking your little one to places where you can't reach with the stroller.

The toddler carrier is a real Wildride for all conditions. Can be worn every season or on any occasion. The Wildride child carrier is easy to remove after every adventure you experience with your little one. The carrier is suitable for children from 9 months - 4 years (max 20 kg).


The Carifit+ Baby Carrier in Cool Grey is a baby carrier that comes with a results-driven, personalised fitness and wellbeing plan housed within the Carifit app and a team of expert advice and support at your fingertips. You can access postnatal-specific workout plans, physio-led core rehab programs, sleep support and babywearing advice all proven to enhance your parenting experience.

It is designed to move with your body and support your baby from newborn onwards. The Posture+ design of the carrier provides the perfect amount of support, stretch, compression and breathability exactly where you and your baby need it.


The Ergobaby Omni Breeze Baby Carrier in Soft Olive Diamonds is made with soft, breathable mesh fabric and is rated number 1 in airflow (compared to other leading mesh carriers - based on NPD data, June 2020) so you can be sure that you and your baby will stay nice and dry, even on the hottest days.

The Omni Breeze is also super easy to use. Thanks to its adjustable straps and padded waistband, you can customise it to fit your unique body type. Plus, its lightweight design makes it perfect for carrying around town or even on long walks or hikes. So whether you're a busy parent on the go or an active outdoorsy type, the Ergobaby Breeze suits all adventures with your little one.


The Thule Sapling Child Carrier Backpack in Black is a baby backpack that lets you share a perfect day on the trail. You and your little one can find adventure in comfort. It is ergonomic and has great leg support for little ones. The Thule Sapling has a modular design and a fully machine washable seat. For longer hikes that require additional storage, easily add on the Thule Sapling Sling Pack (available separately).

Babywearing is a wonderful way to keep your baby close while gaining the freedom to go about your daily life. By considering the types of carriers available and your personal needs, you can find the best baby carrier for you and your little one at Natural Baby Shower

Visit our baby carriers section and embark on your babywearing journey with confidence. Happy carrying!