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Make bath time bonding time

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Whilst parents might do anything to get into a nice relaxing bubble bath after a long day, your little one however does not always feel the same. Some babies love bath time and don’t need any encouragement to get in and make as many splash puddles as possible, others however may need some extra persuading.  

Whether it’s a splashy chaos or peaceful perfection, bath time is the ideal time to bond with your little one and show them that little extra loving and one-on-one care. It’s a rare moment in the day of relaxation with few other distractions, your entire focus and attention is just on your little one, allowing for a moment of intense bonding with them. 

Make bath time bonding time


In addition to creating a wonderful bonding opportunity, bath times can also be an integral part of your baby’s development by incorporating fun into the bath time routine. Because little ones learn best when they play, it makes sense to make bath time as fun for them as possible to help their development. Incorporating good quality bath toys are the perfect way to keep bath time varied and fun, especially for children who become bored easily.

A personal favourite of ours is the Plan Toys  Water Landing Net set. The set includes a net, 2 bowls, a fish, turtle and starfish. Your little one can have fun passing water from one bowl to the other experimenting with different flows of water. They can also go fishing by using the net to catch all the colourful wooden creatures. On top of their great designs, Plan Toys are the champions of 'eco' leading the way in sustainable manufacturing and quality wooden toys to stimulate young children - did we mention they're the only wooden bath toys on the market! 

Baby Bath time Plan Toys Water Landing Net

Instead of rushing through bath time, take advantage of your alone time together and relax your little one even more by reading to them. Story books are often part of the relaxing bed time routine, but who says this relaxation method can’t be bought to the tub. If your little one gets restless or upset in the bath distract them by reading out loud to them or showing them the colourful pages of the books - relaxing them and helping their development and learning. The perfect bath time book companion is Sophia la Giraffe Colours book. Colours is an adorable early-learning book perfect for reading aloud, your baby will love the colourful playful images.

Of course, we can’t forget the reason they are in the bath in the first place, to wash! Washing your little one doesn’t have to become a wrestling match - the bar of soap vs baby. Make the washing process relaxing and calming by massaging their cute arms and tiny toes as you go. Massaging baby’s is well known to reduce emotional distress and increase levels of relaxation whilst also making you feel closer to your little one. Everything you need to bathe your little one comes in one perfect package with the exclusive Harry & Rose and Natural Baby Shower gorgeous Baby Shower Gift Set. The collaboration is a complete range of baby skincare products: Bubble bath, hair & body wash, lotion, mitten and hooded towel. Made in the UK with Natural, Pure and Organic ingredients. This Harry & Rose bath set will leave your baby’s skin feeling nourished, soft and hydrated.


Harry & Rose and Natural Baby Shower Gift Set


Baby bonding isn’t just confined to the tub, after bath care can be relaxing too. Straight from the bath wrap them up in a soft towel, or make it extra special by making the towel warm before hand for extra cosiness. The organic and naturally bleached materials used in the Cuddledry Original Baby Bath towel make it the perfect item for an after bath cuddle. Cuddledry use a clever apron-style design to keep both hands free when lifting baby from the bath. Parents can easily reach and bring baby against their body into the luxurious towel where baby is totally cocooned and can be cuddled dry.


Cuddledry Original Baby Bath Towel at Natural Baby Shower


Simply just because we love it, we also like to wrap the little ones in the super cute Liewood Lily Rabbit Bathrobe. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any bath time routine and keeps your little one cosy and relaxed ready for bedtime – plus they look adorable in it!


Make bath time bonding time


Remember, do not ever leave your baby unattended whilst they are in the bath. Not even for a second. Make sure you have everything you need for your bath time routine in the room with you before you put your baby in the water.

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