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BABYZEN YOYO Bassinet vs Newborn Pack

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After the launch of the new and improved BABYZEN YOYO2  which bought new functional features to the world-famous YOYO+ and some extra luxury style touches thrown in, we thought BABYZEN couldn’t get any better. Read more about the YOYO2 here.

However, BABYZEN still had something up their sleeve and recently launched the YOYO bassinet. The bassinet is a fabulous new addition to the YOYO range, and sits alongside the existing from birth option of the newborn pack, to now offer parents 2 brilliant from birth solutions to choose from.

One of our most asked questions from parents are, what are the differences, and which one should I go for? So to help make your decision we have compared the two to help explain the key differences. Let’s take a closer look at the BABYZEN YOYOBassinet vs the Newborn Pack.

Babyzen YOYO Bassinet vs Newborn Pack

YOYO From Birth

On the surface, both of these options do a very similar thing. They allow you to use your BABYZEN YOYO from day one by offering a safe, parent facing and comfortable ride for newborns. Both the bassinet and newborn pack have lie-flat ability, which is the safest position for newborns, and suitable until around 6 months. It is also good to note that both the newborn pack and the bassinet are compatible with both the YOYO+ and newer YOYO2 frame, but what makes them different?

Newborn Pack

The newborn pack has been a popular member of the BABYZEN range for a long time and the go-to addition to allow parents to use their loved YOYO from birth. The newborn pack creates a cosy nest that your little one can snuggle down into whilst they lie completely flat, parent facing and remain safe in the 5-point harness. It also has added comfort touches such as a 2.5cm mattress, head support and a warm sherpa lined foot cover.

The main and possibly the biggest deciding factor for most parents when comparing the two newborn options, is the added convenience of being able to fold your YOYO with the newborn pack still attached. Whereas, with the new bassinet, you have to remove the bassinet from the frame before folding.

This does make the newborn pack possibly more appealing to those who are using their YOYO for travel or for public transport. The ability to fold your YOYO with the newborn pack still attached allows for one neat and ultra-compact single product which can easily be stored or carried conveniently on the shoulder by the strap. Then simply unfold in a moment with one hand and your YOYO is ready to go for your precious newborn.

Babyzen YOYO Bassinet vs Newborn Pack


Now let’s take a look at the new BABYZEN YOYO Bassinet. The bassinet creates a real comfortable cocoon for your newborn with it’s semi-hard shell and enveloping foot cover. It offers the next level of comfort for your little one thanks to its breathable, 4.5 cm thick double mattress, along with its semi-rigid shell and protective canopy, designed to let air flow freely.

In a simple clip or unclip the bassinet can be attached or detached from the frame easily and smoothly without disturbing your sleeping baby. Thanks to its incredible lightness (3kg) it is easily transportable, plus the ultra-compact bassinet can be disassembled into two parts, offering optimal space saving storage.

Whether it’s dinner at a friends’ or a visit to your parents’, all you need to do is unclip the bassinet from the frame and set it down to keep an eye on your baby. The YOYO frame can be folded and carried over your shoulder while you carry the bassinet when walking back home. It’s the ideal way of transitioning between the outside world and your home.

Babyzen YOYO Bassinet vs Newborn Pack

The verdict

Ultimately the decision is down to you and how you plan to use your BABYZEN YOYO. It is always a good idea to imagine how you are going to use your stroller with your newborn and exactly what your expectations are, this will really help with your decision making.

The bassinet certainly takes the top spot in comfort, sturdiness and everyday convenience when using your YOYO as the ultimate from birth pushchair. However, if you see yourself using your YOYO primarily for travel with a newborn, then perhaps the cabin approved all-in-one fold of the newborn pack is more for you.

They are both brilliant and clever newborn solutions which allow parents to use their YOYO from birth. Whichever option you choose, we know you will just love your BABYZEN YOYO and enjoy so many great adventures with this perfect pushchair.

Babyzen YOYO Bassinet vs Newborn Pack

The ultimate compact stroller

The BABYZEN YOYO has been loved by families for years and has become famous around the world for it’s unique one-second fold and innovative design. Development of new product launches such as the bassinet, car seat compatibility and the ever-growing accessory range has elevated the YOYO2 to becoming more than just the go to pushchair for travel. It is increasingly becoming family’s primary everyday pushchair thanks to it’s convenient, lightweight and ultra-compact design making life on the move so much easier for families.

Babyzen YOYO Bassinet vs Newborn Pack

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