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If you are part of the BABYZEN YOYO+ crew you will be just as excited as us to meet the brand-new BABYZEN YOYO+ bag!

Like with most lightweight super compact strollers, there isn’t much storage space to carry your baby essentials – The YOYO+ bag is the perfect solution. Designed to colour coordinate with your BABYZEN YOYO+, the bag hooks onto your stroller’s frame in a matter of seconds with the use of 2 handy hooks. The bag sits on a rolling base adapter meaning it can effortlessly carry up to 10kg (22Lbs) in weight. Gone are the days of tipping your stroller over under the weight of your bags hanging on the back.

The innovative design means your YOYO+ remains light, stable and manoeuvrable with its signature one-hand steering. Plus your BABYZEN YOYO+ can still be folded with the rolling base adapter in place, just remove the bag first. Or it can be flipped into the bottom basket when not in use to save space.

And if that’s not enough to make you swoon, the bag comes in 7 colours and is machine washable at 30°C. We love!

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