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Celebrating Babymoov's 25th anniversary

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For decades, Babymoov have been bringing parents innovative and award-winning baby products that are created by experts and with baby in mind. What began as an idea between three friends, has now grown into a leading global brand that delivers technologically advanced products for everyday life.

Now in their 25th year of trade, Babymoov are making sure to celebrate their birthday loud and proud. So, this weekend, you can enjoy 25% off with the big Babymoov flash sale in line with the brand’s anniversary. Better yet, Natural Baby Shower house an amazing range of Babymoov’s bestsellers, so be quick to take advantage of this fantastic offer before it’s too late!

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The Babymoov Story

25 years ago, three young men had a vision to bring design and innovation together. Arnaud Thiollier, Laurent Windenberger and Arnaud Courdesses, began their Babymoov adventure on the benches of the Clermont-Ferrand Business School. These three students, passionate about entrepreneurship launched a study to learn about the childcare market. The result showed them there was a lack of safety and products that were designed around the expectations of parents. To solve this, they wanted to offer innovative, multi-use products that would reinvent the experience of parenthood really listen to the things that real parents needed and wanted for taking care of their babies.

In 1997, the first of many "Babymoov LIVE. OPEN. INNOVATION" workshops for real parents began along with the first Babymoov products! This laid the foundations of what is now Babymoov, designed to reinvent everyday life of parents by providing expertly designed, reliable and smart products approved and co-created with parents and professionals. The 3 founders (who now have 10 children between them) are still at the heart of the company, and have developed a huge range of internationally successful baby products from sterilisers to food processors.

 “It all starts with a beautiful story of friendship. We met at the ESC of Clermont-Ferrand in 1997, where the desire to create the company together didn’t take long for us to envisage. More motivated than ever, we didn’t even wait until the end of our studies to lay the first foundations for the launch of Babymoov!”

Award-winning products

Babymoov are very proud to have picked up a number of awards for a wide range of products. From pregnancy, weaning and beyond, you’ll find many of them here at Natural Baby Shower. Look out for the following award-winning items this weekend…


The Babymoov Cosydream is the perfect compact sleep-positioner for keeping little babies comfortable whilst napping or sleeping. Equipped with a built-in headrest, it provides an ideal back position with lifted legs and a smaller space to soothe baby.

Foodii Starter Kit

Experts in weaning essentials, it’s no surprise that Babymoov’s starter feeding kit is award-winning. Super practical for day to day life, you can keep your Foodii pouches in the fridge or freezer, their leak-proof cap guarantees the contents are safe when stored and out and about.

Le Sauncy Changing Bag

The Babymoov Le Sancy Changing Bag has so many different compartments to keep you organised on the go. We love that this bag is unisex, allowing anyone in your family - even little ones who might spill something! The water-repellent fabric will work great for bad weather but most importantly it keeps all belongings safe from any accidents happening while out traveling about.

Dream belt

The Babymoov Dream Belt is a soft maternity support belt designed with Mums and midwives to improve pregnant women's sleep. This comfortable belt provides the perfect positioning for sleeping thanks to its 2 elastic strips, rear velcro fastening system which allows easy attachment during any activity or position change as well as two shape memory foam reinforcements that fill in gaps between stomach surface against mattress while lying on back.

Doomoo Cocoon

The Babymoov Doomoo Cocoon is the perfect place to lay your little one down so they can take a nap. It's eco-friendly and made from organic cotton, meaning it's also breathable. Plus, it can even be used overnight unsupervised due to its compliance of materials and construction compared to other relevant overnight sleeping products for babies!

Nutribaby (+) 

The award-winning Nutribaby(+) offers 5 in 1 cooking functions including a large capacity steamer and blender which double up to sterilise baby bottles, as well as providing a reheat or defrost function. (or another word for function?) . The food prep solution also features the cooking vessel at the base of each function where you can cook any dish from your recipe book? with ease!


If you're looking for a video baby monitor that offers unparalleled views of your little one's room, look no further than the Babymoov YOO MOOV. This double award-winning 360° motorised camera can be displayed on any surface and gives parents an expansive view into their little one’s sleeping space. It comes with a wall mount kit perfect if there are twins or multiple children in one bedroom as well.

Hygro+ Humidifer

The Hygro+ noiseless humidifier is the perfect sleeping space for baby. This device uses a built-in hygrometer that helps maintain healthy moisture levels, providing an environment where there's optimal tension between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The Hygro+ 3 in 1 humidifier uses a silent cold-mist output to reduce the physical impact of these and enables a greater air flow for your child to breathe easier through the night and during the day.

Turbo Pure Steriliser and Dryer 

The Baabymoov Turbo Pure is a 2-in1 system, it can sterilise and dry your bottles in 38 minutes. This amazing device uses smart technology to guarantee the most efficient cleaning cycle - all without sacrificing convenience!

The Turbo Pure 3in1 steriliser, dryer and store makes sure that your baby's bottles are always clean. It uses a HEPA filter for plastic & glass items which means you can be confident in the quality of steam released.

More from Babymoov

Since 2020, the next focus for Babymoov is fulfilling their green manifesto, including packaging and product materials. They're working towards their 5 year plan to transform their operations to support future generations: for example they are committed to replacing all plastic materials with better, greener alternatives such as biodegradable, bio-based, recycled and non-polluting materials.

  • As of Spring 2022 Babymoov Cosydream and Lovenest comfort range is now produced in Europe as opposed to Asia to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Winter 2022, they are due to launch the first ever glass Nutribaby, a more sustainable alternative
  • Babymoov HQ in France formed a partnership with ReforestAction in 2021 to support the replenishment of nature with a donation of sales going towards the work they do to rebuild habitats and replant trees.


"Mentalities are changing and everyone can play their part in this transition. As a childcare brand we must be pro-active in this eco-responsible approach to re-think our way of producing. With the GreenMoov approach, the Babymoov group puts the future of our children at the heart of its values and that is why I am very proud to participate."

- Charline, Brand Manager

Enjoying the celebrations

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