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Babymoov Nutribaby One Review

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Babymoov are award-winning, innovative creators of everyday baby products including baby monitors, pillows, rockers, and a range of kitchen accessories - all co-designed by parents and children.

The Babymoov Nutribaby One Food Processor in Grey is the latest model of the award-winning Nutribaby (+) multi-function baby food prep machine, boasting a new cutting edge minimalistic aesthetic with the same superior cooking abilities.

Featuring 4 cooking functions in one streamlined unit, Nutribaby One can steam, blend, reheat and defrost perfectly to support your weaning journey and beyond by making healthy food prep quick and easy for both baby and the whole family.

Nutribaby One includes the cooking water vessel for cooking grains, pulses and pasta too. These can be cooked while steam cooking other foods in the steamer baskets. Lost nutrients are collected in the cooking vessel which can be added back into purees, soups, smoothies etc. to retain all of the flavour and 100% of the nutrients.

Babymoov believes in quality, honest, and unique parenting solutions that enhance development and make life a little simpler, so let's see if our team of parent testers agree...

Parent tester – Tara Costley-White

We started our weaning journey a couple of weeks ago when Remy turned 6 months. I was extremely excited and had prepared by reading a few books ahead of time and ordering a range of accessories. I decided we would use a combination of spoon-fed and baby-led weaning.

A key component of the baby weaning setup is the food processor, so I was thrilled when we were given the chance to review the Babymoov Nutribaby One Food Processor from Natural Baby Shower.

Babymoov is a brand we’re familiar with and trust as we already use one of their audio monitors. Delivery was super-fast and it was well packaged with recyclable padding.

The blender was slightly bigger than expected – which I was pleased about – as it has a 1.3l steam cooking capacity and a 700ml blending capacity. This meant we could batch cook and freeze meals in advance. It has a sleek and modern design, and the grey/green colourway works well in our kitchen.

The steam function is simple to use, you pour 100, 200, or 300mls of water into the space under the blender in line with the type of food you’re steaming. There’s a handy chart in the manual to help choose the correct amount of liquid but essentially the more steaming required, the more water you put it. The steamer also has a basket at the top which is perfect for steaming finger food for baby-led weaning.

We started weaning Remy with single veggies. After chopping the vegetables and putting them into the steam section, you simply press the ‘on’ button in the middle of the food processor (which lights up so you know it’s on).

Once steamed, we would pour the chopped vegetables into the blender (excluding what was in the basket), along with the water that collected under the bottom of the steamer.

The base of the blender clicks into place, and with the lid on you just hold the side button down to blend. The blending function is powerful, and I was extremely impressed by how well it pureed – we opted for a finer puree, to begin with.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Babymoov Nutribaby One Food Processor,  although I think it would be even better if it was possible to restart cooking if more steaming is required. I think weaning without this would’ve been a lot more challenging – it’s such a time saver and saves faffing around by using pots and pans or mashing food.

Additionally, it’s dishwasher safe too! I’ve already told all my friends about it and we’re looking forward to rustling up some more flavoursome meals soon.

Parent tester - Nicole Powell

Being a Mum to two with the youngest due to start weaning next month, I jumped at the chance to enter the Natural Baby Shower’s latest opportunity to Review + Keep the Babymoov Nutribaby One food processor. I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I checked my messages to find that I’d been chosen!

Within a couple of days, the food processor was delivered straight to my door, neatly packaged with lots of extra protection. It was already put together in the box, no fiddly bits whatsoever, and practically ready to use - all I had to do was connect the plug!  

Over the last couple of weeks since I received the Nutribaby One, I have been using it to make some of our dinners, as well as prepping some bits for my youngest ready for her to start her weaning adventure soon.

It has two bowls - one for steaming and one for blending, and there is an extra compartment meaning more than one thing can be cooked at the same time if needed. With just one button to press, this has allowed me to get on with other things whilst the food is cooking, and once it’s ready all I’ve needed to do is switch it over into the other bowl and blend where necessary. For a Mum of a three-year-old and a four month old, you can imagine how much of a saving grace this will be! 

It is also the perfect size to keep out on the side in the kitchen, and is a lovely, muted colour, making it attractive to the eye, unlike some appliances I’ve seen in the past. 

I honestly can’t fault the Nutribaby One at all. I’m so impressed by it, it arrived at the perfect time and is literally going to make our lives so much easier, not just when we start weaning my daughter, but for family life in general. Thank you so much for choosing us as parent tester, we highly recommend this product!

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