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babymoov First'isy Silicone Feeding Set review

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babymoov create award-winning products that focus on affordability and productivity for everyday life with a little one in the home, including baby nests, bouncers, and a range of kitchen accessories. Co-designed by parents and children, they are a brand that believes in quality, honest and unique parenting solutions that make life easier for the whole family. 

The babymoov First'isy Silicone Feeding Set is designed to support independent feeding from the start and encourages fine motor skills development. The unique baby's first easy-grip teether spoon is perfectly sized for little hands and mouths. This First'isy Silicone Feeding Set is co-created with a French Occupational Therapist so to ensure ergonomic design that facilitates a little one's  development at every stage of the weaning journey.

Parent tester - Rhian

We have recently started weaning my 6 month old son Rupert and the Babymoov First'isy Silicone Feeding Set was the first products we used! We have been testing them for a few weeks now and they are perfect for our babies weaning journey!
First of all, I love how the feeding set looks. The colour is very neutral which is on trend and perfect for any gender. The fox design is also super cute and appealing to children. The bowl has suction on the bottom which makes it stick to the highchair or table, meaning that a little one can't tip it over, move it around or throw it to the floor; making meal times a lot less messy!
The bowl always has handles which I found made it easier for me to hold without getting my fingers in the messy contents of the bowl. The spoon has a looped handle making it really easy for little hands to grip and hold. Although, my son is only just weaning and also spoon fed by an adult, I already find he is starting to try and hold the spoon which is great.
Last but not least, the bib, is my favourite part of the feeding set! I am very fond of my son's clothes and the bib is superb at collecting all of the drips and dropped bits of food and preventing them from going down the child's clothing or onto the floor.
The pouch on the bib can then just be emptied and washed up really easily!
I also love that this set is silicone, making it really lightweight and very easy to wipe down and clean. The packaging the product arrived in also looks really good, its well presented and isn't heavy. Its recyclable and clearly shows the product whilst protecting it well from damage.
I would definitely recommend this product and will continue to use it for my son's feeding journey. I'm also looking into buying the other colour because I love it so much.

Parent tester - Natasha

The perfect gift for any weaning little one, this is a great set to get you started on your weaning journey! Any parent would be happy to receive this, it comes packaged well in a recyclable display box and delivery was very quick.
I love the colour and look of this set and my little one loves using it, straight away the teether spoon became a clear favourite.
Unlike many, this bowl is able to be used in the microwave and oven which makes it so handy! It is a great size for heaped meals or snacks and the suction pad is easy to use. 
The bib is lightweight and comes with various size adjustments so I know we will get a lot of use out of it as my little one grows.
The bib catcher is a great invention making clearing up that little bit easier, (which is always a win!) so this set has quickly become our favourite for feeding time!