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BabyBjӧrn Landscape Bouncer Bliss review

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Born in Sweden from one family's dream to make parenting that little bit easier, BabyBjorn have a wide range of high-quality products including baby bouncers, carriers, travel cots, and more.

Their simple, intelligent, and functional designs have gained them worldwide recognition - and for good reason. The Bliss Bouncer range has been a hit with many parents since its launch in 2017, with many loving its ergonomic and lightweight design that offers natural rocking plus, easy to move around. 

Landscape colourway

We love the new and improved Bliss Bouncer in the stunning Landscape colourway. Inspired by the wonders of Mother Nature this new design features across both of BabyBjorn's Baby Carrier Mini and Bouncer Bliss collection. Crafted by hand – from pieces of shredded paper – this beautiful print pays homage to the spectacular scenery of Scandinavia and your journey through the mesmerising landscape of parenthood.

Parent tester – Jessica

We were over the moon to be chosen to review the BabyBjӧrn Landscape Bouncer Bliss!

I had heard many good things about these bouncers, but never owned one with my first child, so when our second baby arrived in January this year, we were eager to try it out for ourselves. Our little boy is certainly a mummy’s boy and in the first few months I was finding it so hard to put him down as he would get unsettled or upset. I am sure there’s many mamas out there that can relate! Well…all this changed when the BabyBjӧrn bouncer arrived.

The product arrived in a smart slim BabyBjӧrn branded box and when lifting the bouncer out, I was surprised how lightweight and easy it was to set up. No assembly needed. It literally springs up using a lever underneath, allowing you to set the tilt of the bouncer into 3 different positions depending on how upright you would like your baby to lie or sit, and the fabric harness ensures your baby is safely strapped in. It also packs away pretty much flat - making it very portable and easy to store. 

The fabric cover is great quality, and I am a big fan of the landscape print. It’s neutral enough to go with any home interior, yet the modern pattern makes it unique and stand out from most baby products. It’s great too that the soft fabric cover can also be removed and washed – essential when you have a baby!

Our little boy looks so comfy sitting in the bouncer and the shape of the fabric seat wraps around him making him feel cosy. It’s great too that when he kicks, it makes the bouncer move up and down in a very natural way keeping him entertained, rather than requiring batteries.

The base of the bouncer feels very sturdy, so I have no certain of it tipping over. The only thing I have to watch is our 4-year-old daughter who likes to press on the bouncer to bounce her brother up and down (and has no sense of doing this gently!!)

I generally place the bouncer in the living room where we spend our time playing when we are in during the day, however it’s easy to carry around the house. He sits in the bouncer in the kitchen if I need to pop a quick wash on or hoover the floor! I also take it with me when I head to see my family as it packs away flat and easily fits in the car – very versatile.

The price may initially put a few people off (as it’s not cheap!), but I would say it’s worth every penny! We absolutely love it! It really has been a game changer for me and makes life so much easier. Of course, I enjoy baby cuddles (as they aren’t little for long), but sometimes you just need your hands free, and it makes me so happy seeing our little boy kicking around enjoying his bouncer with a smile on his face.

I can definitely say this BabyBjӧrn bouncer is one of the best baby products I have ever owned, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to all parents and parents-to-be. Make sure it’s on your baby list!

Parent tester - Lucy

I was super excited to receive the Babybjorn Bouncer Bliss as I haven’t yet met a mum who doesn’t love their bouncer! I was lucky enough to borrow a Babybjorn bouncer with my first baby and took the bouncer to a local park when I went to meet up with friends!! As a mum I rarely get any free time, so this bouncer has allowed me to catch up with things and just gives me 10 mins to myself while my baby is happily entertained and relaxed. On receiving the bouncer, it came well packaged, flat packed and all I had to do for the ‘setup’ was to click it open and voila it was ready to use.


This BabyBjörn Bouncer features their brand-new print – Landscape and is inspired by the colours of nature. Every product is unique as the design has been crafted by hand using pieces of shredded paper which makes the bouncer that extra bit special. It’s super stylish, suitable to go with many different colour palettes as it works with most décor and could easily stay put in a corner of a room. Plus, having the ability to collapse and fold flat makes this bouncer even greater as it has allowed me to transport it from room to room and/or anywhere else I may want to go.

The bouncer has many other pros going for it. It is lightweight and super easy to use and put up. To get the bouncer ready all you need to do is unfold, open the clips, place baby down, close clips and baby is ready to “go crazy”. There is also more than one height setting so you can change it depending on what position your baby likes to be in. My baby boy (9 weeks old) has loved sitting up, pretty much from birth, so the bouncer has allowed him to do this safely and let him look around while having his back, neck and head fully supported. An added bonus - if you can call it that - is that every time my baby has been in the bouncer it has made him poop so there is no worry of any constipation! Haha!

As it is non battery powered, powered by baby’s kicking action, there is no need for any additional added expense of buying any batteries. The bouncer is sturdy and well-made and I really cannot imagine life without one. The only cons I can think of are that the bouncer is quite pricey and there is no spare cover. If I was not the lucky winner of one, I probably couldn’t justify the expense. It would also be fabulous if it did come with a spare cover as if, like my boy, your baby is a bit sick-y then there’s only so much a damp cloth can do before it needs to go in the wash.

Although saying that, having a removable and washable cover at all is great feature to this bouncer as many other models do not allow you to remove the fabric from the seat. If you were to buy this bouncer, you really would not be disappointed as it just has so many things going for it!

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