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Baby Loss Awareness Week

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This week is Baby Loss Awareness Week which is why we’re shining a light on the topic with our charity partner Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

Shooting Star Children’s Hospices provide end-of-life care and support for babies, children, and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, as well as their families.

We know that baby loss is a difficult topic for many, that’s why alongside this inspirational charity organisation, we are honouring all the babies that have been lost too soon. Together, we can raise awareness, start conversations, and support those who have gone through this difficult time.

Read on to learn more about baby loss and how to support someone who is grieving…

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What is Baby Loss Awareness Week?

What first began as Baby Awareness Day in 2002, has now led to a week-long effort by many bereavement charities coming together to offer support, solidarity, and comfort to everyone who has been impacted from the loss of a baby.

Baby loss encompasses any and all types of pregnancy loss including miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal deaths, SIDS, and pregnancy termination. However, a death of a child at any age can also be considered a type of baby loss.

Each year, Baby Loss Awareness Week ends with the Wave of Light commemoration which honours the much-loved and much-missed little ones by burning a candle for an hour. 

As well as being a time to remember, the week often houses a lot of fundraising efforts to support the continued work of these important charities. Many in the community also come together to share their own stories in a supportive space and seek advice on how to cope.

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How to support someone grieving?

Despite 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing pregnancy or baby loss, many people still feel isolated and alone when they experience this type of loss. Baby loss can be an unpredictable rollercoaster of emotions leaving you unsure of where your journey will take you next.

That means knowing how to provide support for those grieving in your life is super important. Here are some helpful things you can do:

  • Listen without judgement
  • Avoid telling them how to feel
  • Offer practical help i.e. running errands, cooking meals
  • Suggest professional support if needed
  • Participate in baby loss memorial events – i.e. 'Wave of Light'

If you are struggling to find the right words, try saying something like “I’m so sorry for your loss” or “I’m here for you if you need anything” to make them feel heard and less alone.

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How are we supporting our charities?

This year, we’ve teamed up with Shooting Star Children’s Hospices to spread the word on the importance of supporting families going through this difficult time.

As well sharing helpful resources, Natural Baby Shower is also donating to both Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and Tommy’s charity this weekend.

We’ve chosen these two charities as families are at the heart of everything they do. Providing support, tools and services that are helping those who experience baby loss or premature birth.

Want to get involved? 

Join us this Saturday 15th October as we light a candle for the annual Wave of Light memorial to take a moment to remember our littlest angels.

You can also show your support by attending a local baby loss memorial event or fundraising for organisations like Shooting Star Children’s Hospices and Tommy's.