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Autumn & winter essentials for your little one

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As the leaves start their colourful transformation and that familiar chill comes back around, parents everywhere get ready for the seasonal change from summer into autumn and winter.

Elodie Details Car Seat Footmuff at Natural Baby Shower

Whether you're just starting your parenting adventure or a seasoned pro embracing the childhood joys once more, there's one thing we all share: the mission to ensure your little ones are fully equipped for outdoor adventures or cosy winter evenings.

We're here to give you a helping hand as you put together the ultimate lineup of must-haves for your little ones. Browse our range of organic clothes from brands like MORI and 1+ In the family and more.

Versatile coats & outerwear

Elevate your little one's winter wardrobe with our collection of versatile coats and outerwear, designed to keep them warm and stylish. A top-notch, weather-ready coat is an absolute essential. Seek out one that boasts fantastic features like water resistance, windproof construction, and a snug lining to ensure optimum warmth. This outerwear gem is set to become your child's ultimate companion as the chilly months take hold. 

And that's not all – explore the added benefits of fleece-lined pockets that offer extra warmth and a touch of luxury for your childrens tiny hands!

Turtledove London Rainbow Print Raincoat at Natural Baby Shower

Get ready to embrace outdoor adventures and those refreshing strolls with our range of outdoor pramsuits, specially designed to wrap your little one in a cocoon of warmth. As the weather shifts during the ever-changing autumn days, a lightweight pramsuit is ideal for layering with blankets. Then, when winter arrives with all its might, opt for a pramsuit crafted from thicker materials, ready to tackle the colder outdoor temperatures.


MORI Bear Pramsuit - Bear Print at Natural Baby Shower


Plus, our pramsuits are available in sizes from newborn all the way up to 24 months, ensuring a cosy fit as they grow up.

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Autumn accessories

In the midst of chilly weather, don't forget to give extra attention to those little hands and faces. Protecting your baby's head and hands from the cold is always a must these months.

Elodie Details Winter Bonnet - Pebble Green at Natural Baby Shower

Explore our range of knitted baby hats, baby beanies and mittens, perfect for bundling up your little one.

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Comfy autumn footwear

It's time to think about keeping those tiny toes warm and comfy this autumn and winter.

Closed-toe shoes or baby boots are a smart choice when the weather gets colder -we've got you covered. Why not browse our collection of merino fleece-lined shoes – they're designed to provide that extra layer of warmth your little one needs.

Heitmann Lambskin Booties - Camel


We know how important it is for their shoes to be flexible and breathable, and we've made sure our options tick those boxes. And of course, safety matters too, that's why we present non-slip options, ensuring those tentative first steps remain as steady as can be.

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Sleep & swaddle bags

Ensuring a suitable sleeping temperature holds special importance, particularly for young babies who haven't yet developed the ability to regulate their own body heat. Opting for winter sleep and swaddle bags crafted from natural fibers is a wise decision. These bags aid proper breathability for the skin and play a crucial role in preventing overheating. When choosing sleep solutions for your baby, it's great to consider the care and comfort that come with these natural options.

They not only help maintain the right temperature but also allow your baby to move comfortably, ensuring a peaceful and unrestricted sleep.

SnuzPouch Sleeping Bag - Colour Spots at Natural Baby Shower

What's more, some of our available sleeping bags feature a convenient front zip for nappy changes, making those nighttime changes quicker and easier for parents - it's a game changer.

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A helping hand adjusting the tog

When it comes to picking the perfect tog for your baby's sleep, it's all about the climate where you're at. If you're tackling the ever-changing British winter, aiming for a 2.5 Tog is your cosy companion. This magic number is your year-round go-to, ideal for temperatures ranging from 14 to 20°C

Now, let's chat about this TOG thing. Think of it like a sleeping bag's thickness level – the higher the TOG, the toastier it keeps your little one. Just like how we switch up our own bedding with the seasons, having a variety of TOG sleeping bags is a smart move. Follow our guide below:

  • 0.5 TOG: Best when room's around 25 – 28°C
  • 1.0 TOG: Perfect for a room at 21 – 23°C
  • 1.5 TOG: Just right when things hover between 20 – 22°C
  • 2.5 TOG: Designed for all year-round use and room temperatures between 14 - 20°C

Pushchair footmuffs and seat liners

If you're a fan of a brisk winter stroll and want to ensure your little one is as ready as you are, look no further than our pushchair footmuffs or seat liners. These are brilliant investments, doubling up as both snug and stylish accessories that seamlessly fit into your stroller. 

UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh Footmuff at Natural Baby Shower

For your baby's ultimate comfort and safety, consider using a soft pram liner or footmuff. Explore our variety of cool patterns and vibrant shades, giving you the chance to perfectly match your footmuff with your existing stroller or car seat.

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Rainy season essentials

Ah, the rainy season - that wonderful time when parents and children join forces to conquer puddles and autumn leaves. Mums, dads and little ones can fully enjoy the pure happiness that rain brings. And thanks to our selection of rainy season must-haves, these moments get an extra touch of magic.

Consider brands such as Grass & Air to bring an extra touch of excitement to your children's outdoor adventures. With their innovative color-changing feature, splashing around will become an even more enjoyable experience for your little ones.

A pair of trusty rain boots paired with your little ones practical yet stylish raincoat, will be your allies in keeping your child comfortably dry through wet weather. Our collection of wellies are super easy to slip onto your little ones feet and are made from natural materials.

Grass & Air Colour-Revealing Wellies at Natural Baby Shower

Looking for complete head-to-toe protection? Splash suits, rain suits, or puddle suits – regardless of the name, these all-in-one waterproof wonders will become your secret weapon, granting you and your little one the irresistible freedom to conquer those puddles.

Grass & Air PU Puddlesuits at Natural Baby Shower

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As you embrace the change of seasons with your little adventurers, we hope our helpful guide of essentials and insights prep you like a pro. From snug clothing, to cosy sleepwear and practical shoes that take on puddles like champs – you're all set for the days ahead.

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