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Answering your questions on the CYBEX Anoris T2 i-Size Car Seat

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NBS are excited to introduce you to the CYBEX Anoris T2 i-Size Car Seat, an innovative and stylish car seat that’s leading the way in forward-facing car seat technology. You wouldn’t buy a car without an airbag, so why buy a forward-facing car seat without one?

It’s known around the world that rear facing travel is the safest way to go, and many of our brands encourage extended rear-facing until your child is as old as nine. However, as all parents know, nothing ever goes to plan, and according to a study by Child Seat Safety, more than 80% of parents are forward facing their child by two years old. There are many reasons for this, from illnesses to interaction, as every family is different. If rear-facing doesn’t work for you and your family, and you need a safer alternative explore the Anoris T2.

CYBEX recognised that parents are choosing to forward-face their little ones, even when using rotating car seats, and decided that a safer forward-facing alternative was needed. With the Anoris T2, parents can have peace of mind that their little one will be 50% safer than in other forward-facing options, and a lot more comfortable.

Let’s take a closer look at this ground-breaking car seat.

Key features and comparison to Anoris T

The CYBEX Anoris T2 has a full-body airbag, integrated into a cushioned impact shield that’s been upgraded from the Anoris T. The car seat provides ample leg room for your little passenger and is a snug and secure fit while allowing them more freedom.

Made with cutting edge fabric, the Anoris T2 is six times more breathable than the T, and the all-round air ventilation will keep your child cool and comfortable in the summer, while the large retractable sun canopy acts as a shield and extra sun protection.

Onboarding this car seat is easier than ever, thanks to the innovative one-click impact shield, which has had a huge upgrade since the Anoris T. The impact shield and headrest are both fully adjustable so you can find the right fit for your little one, ensuring they are completely comfortable, even on longer journeys.

The Advanced Linear Side Impact Protection of the Anoris T2 reduces impact forces by up to 20%, transferring them into the car seat’s energy absorbing shell and headrest. You can rest assured that CYBEX have considered every aspect of safety with this forward-facing car seat, so that parents who do decide to do it have a much safer and more reliable option.

Based off the ADAC award winning Anoris T car seat by CYBEX, the T2 has all the same impressive features, but they have been upgraded and redesigned to be safer and more comfortable than ever. If you’re looking for more information about the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size Car Seat, check out this blog.

Maximum protection

Research shows that 75% of car seats are fitted with errors, and most of these problems are caused by issues with seat belts and incorrect harness use. The Anoris T2 minimizes the risk of poor installation with a simple ISOFIX load leg and impact shield, and also has LED indicators to ensure correct installation.

Based off of CYBEX's own safety tests, the Anoris T2 is performing better than other car seats that use five-point harnesses. 

Let’s get into some FAQs for the Anoris T2.


How much safer than other front facing car seats is the Anoris T2?

Parents who choose to forward-face their child may be doing so with car seats that aren’t designed solely for this purpose, therefore they don’t have the extra safety features that come with the T2 such as the full body airbag.

In the event of a frontal collision, the airbag acts as a cushion for your child’s head, neck, and torso in seconds. This impressive technology makes the Anoris T2 i-Size 50% safer than a conventional forward-facing car seat.

Is the Anoris T2 as safe as rear facing car seats?

The Anoris T is one of the four highest ADAC rated car seats with a very good rating of 1.5, even when ranked against rear-facing car seats, and the T2 is just an upgraded version. Even though we still recommend rear-facing travel as the safest way to go, the Anoris T2 is statistically just as safe as rear facing options, and is a great alternative for parents who prefer forward-facing.

Can the Anoris T2 be used in the front seat?

Ideally no, but unlike rear-facing seats you don’t need to turn the passenger airbag off. It won’t add any extra safety, but, unlike rear-facing seats, it won’t make things worse in the event of a collision.

Does the Anoris T2 still have a full body airbag?

Yes, just like the popular Anoris T, the T2 comes with a full-body C-shaped airbag made to protect your little one from all angles.

How long can the Anoris T2 be used for?

The Anoris T2 can be used for up to ten years, making it excellent value and can be used for multiple children. This ten-year window begins once the car seat has been unboxed.

How tight should the impact shield be?

Thanks to the handy spacer, you should be able to get your hand between your child and the impact shield, and it will still be close enough to keep them secure.

Can my child wear their coat in the Anoris T2?

This is not recommended. As with any car seat, your child should be wearing as fewer layers as possible while in the Anoris T2, so they don’t affect the safety features of the seat.

Will the impact shield be too hot for my child?

You don’t have to worry about your child getting too hot, a five-point harness system, when used correctly, will be hotter because your child can’t move. The impact shield of the Anoris T2 allows more movement and a better airflow so your child stays cooler.

How long should I use each stage of the seat for?

You should continue to use each stage of seat for as long as possible, as the earlier the stage the safer the seat tends to be. The Cloud should be used for up to 24 months, and then you can move them to the Anoris T2 when they are over 21kg or 125cm.

Why isn’t the Anoris T2 Swedish PLUS tested?

The Anoris T and T2 can’t be put through the Swedish PLUS test as they don’t allow airbags in this test, and this test is only for rear-facing car seats. The Anoris T has been ADAC tested and received a very good score.

But, according to CYBEX’s own safety tests, the Anoris T2 is performing better than five-point harness systems.

Why doesn’t the seat let you go above 21kg?

ISOFIX anchors can only be used up to 33kg, so with the weight of the seat, it is impossible to increase the weight allowance of the child beyond this.

Is the Anoris T2 safe in the event of a multi-impact collision?

Follow up collision relies on the backup of the impact shield. Although in most cases, the follow up impact is usually from the back, turning it into a rear facing car seat and being as safe as other rear facing car seats. The Anoris T2 also has Linear Side Impact Protection wings which protects your little one from a side on impact.

If you have any other questions regarding the Anoris T2, please do come and visit us in store to take a look at it in person, and ask your questions to our product specialists.

No parent should feel ashamed of their decisions, every family is different, and we are here to support you and provide you with the right information and the safest options for you and your little one. If forward-facing is the way that works for you, shop the Anoris T2 now and rest-assured that your little one will stay safe and snug whatever the journey.

Discover the Anoris T2.