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7 reasons the Bugaboo Butterfly is better than the Ant

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One of the most requested comparisons we’ve received since Bugaboo announced the Butterfly earlier this year is how it differs from the Bugaboo Ant.

The Ant which debuted in June 2019 has been Bugaboo’s staple travel stroller for a while, but with the new Bugaboo Butterfly on the market and the Ant discontinued, let’s have a look at what to expect from the brand’s latest launch.

While we know that the Bugaboo Ant deserves a lot of praise for offering brilliant versatility in an amazingly compact fold, we think that you’ll be very impressed with the features found on the Bugaboo Butterfly…

7 reasons the Bugaboo Butterfly is better than the Ant blog

Why is the Bugaboo Butterfly better than the Ant? 

1. Larger seat unit

    On the Bugaboo Butterfly you'll find a fabulously spacious seat unit with one of the tallest back rests found in the compact stroller market – or pushchair market for that matter. At 63cm it is much bigger than the Bugaboo Ant, offering better longevity as a travel stroller and more room and comfortability for growing riders!

    bugaboo butterfly tall seat
    bugaboo ant stroller

    2. Integrated adjustable leg rest

      While the Bugaboo Ant offered an adjustable leg rest at an additional cost, the Bugaboo Butterfly comes fully equipped with it integrated. With 5 position settings, the Bugaboo Butterfly allows for more ergonomic and customisable positioning than the Bugaboo Ant's 3 settings, helping to accommodate the changing height of a little one. Plus, Bugaboo have advertised this leg rest as an ideal carry handle to use when folded, which is a rarity with this typically delicate component.

      3. Reinforced handlebar

        The detailed thought behind the design of the Bugaboo Butterfly can be seen through many elements, one being its reinforced handlebar. This handlebar’s design offers a stable framework for both parent and child. Compared with the Bugaboo Ant’s luggage-style footprint, the Bugaboo Butterfly features a solid chassis bar joined with durable connection points that balance the stroller and easily withstand life on the move.

        bugaboo butterfly fold
        bugaboo ant fold

        4. Integrated shoulder strap

        Another nifty feature included in the Bugaboo Butterfly’s package is the integrated shoulder strap – a must-have for any travel stroller companion. Again, the Bugaboo Ant delivered on a shoulder strap however, this too came at an additional cost making it more inconvenient when purchasing an all-in-one travel package! 

        5. Larger, more convenient storage basket

          Unlike the Bugaboo Ant’s travel gimmicks (such as the magazine-style storage pocket) the Bugaboo Butterfly features a no-nonsense, large 8kg basket with an extended lip that can open for better capacity. With the seat unit positioned higher on the Bugaboo Butterfly, getting your shopping or essentials in and out of the basket has never been easier!

          bugaboo basket
          bugaboo ant storage

          6. 1 second, 1-handed fold

            Something that has truly wowed with the Bugaboo Butterfly is its 1-second, one handed fold that collapses in on itself with just a push of a button. The smooth mechanics of this folding travel stroller is a breeze compared with the involved fold found on the Bugaboo Ant, which required fabric to be tucked in and a two-handed closing system. 

            7. Mechanical design

              Despite being very similar weights (7.3kg and 7.2kg), the Bugaboo Butterfly and Bugaboo Ant are very different in what they comprise of. Bugaboo’s continued focus on durability and quality of design is infused into the Bugaboo Butterfly, demonstrated in its sturdy chassis, robust fabrics, convenient storage solutions and hardwearing finishings. The Bugaboo Ant may seem to offer more on the surface; a reversible seat and shell-encased wheels but the Bugaboo Butterfly is by far a more practical, superior stroller when it comes to the mechanics.

              bugaboo folded strap
              bugaboo ant small size

              The verdict

              If you are a happy customer of a Bugaboo Ant - don’t despair! We also loved the truly amazing features it offered in such a small package. Despite our excitement over the functionalities presented by the Bugaboo Butterfly, the team at Bugaboo have assured that its design has been created from the ground up, rather than as an update of the Bugaboo Ant.

              Instead, the Bugaboo Butterfly has been developed as a class-leading pushchair within the ultra-compact segment and should be treated as the first of its kind, leaving the Bugaboo Ant to remain in the product portfolio as a success in its own right!