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CYBEX Gazelle S vs Silver Cross Wave

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Another one on the way? Congratulations! 

Life with two or more little ones can sometimes be a lot to manage, so we want to make sure you have the best products at hand.

That's why we'd like to shine the light on two of our top double pushchair picks; the Silver Cross Wave and CYBEX Gazelle S. Both launching new models for 2023 and designed with siblings in mind, they offer parents a free hand to enjoy precious family moments.

Now, all that's left is to find out which one would be the best fit for your family...

Comparing Silver Cross Wave and CYBEX Gazelle S

CYBEX Gazelle S

The Cybex Gazelle S is a must-have for all growing families - easily transitioning from single to double mode with no additional adapters required.

Perfect for day trips and play dates, this stroller features more than 20 configurations and a 22kg weight capacity per seat! You can also attach the included shopping basket or even add an optional ride on board if you have 3 little ones in your family. 

The CYBEX Gazelle S received a few updates on its latest, 2023 model such as more premium fabrics and improved practical features, let's take a look...

cybex gazelle basket

Unique features

Compact fold

The Gazelle S is a fantastic option for those who love to explore with convenience! Although a single-to-double stroller its folded size is small! With both seats attached, its compact design allows you to tuck this little beauty away in almost any car boot.

Perfect for when you need an extra pair of wheels on your day trips and adventures.

Mud guards

Designed for when you want to take your little one off the beaten path with confidence! The CYBEX Gazelle S comes equipped with mud guards - ideal for those spontaneous outdoor adventures and wet days. 


Larger basket

Whether it's your daily school run, a day trip or those weekly shopping excursions, the Gazelle makes them all secure and easy. With its immense capacity to carry up to 13kg in the super spacious under stroller basket and additional 10kg detachable shopper basket - every journey is effortless!

One-pull harness

With the new one-pull harness, you can secure your little one in seconds with just one hand! Secure and comfortable for not just babies but also toddlers - no more struggling to adjust traditional pushchair straps.

One-pull harness

Silver Cross Wave

The Silver Cross Wave is the perfect pram for busy parents who want to prepare for their growing family. Flexible and sturdy, it conveniently features 30 configurations and converts from a single stroller into two when you need - suitable for twins or siblings.

As a "future-proof" travel solution, the Silver Cross Wave is crafted to take you wherever life leads next, with even more style and durability with the upgrades on its latest version - the Silver Cross Wave 2023. Some of the unique offerings to note include:

silver cross wave

Unique features

Sustainable fabrics made from plastic bottles

Silver Cross Wave has created a stroller that is both gentle on your baby's skin and kind to the planet. The soft bamboo fabric from its interior offers cosy comfort for newborns, while featuring signature sustainable fabrics derived from recycled plastic bottles - sparing them a trip straight to landfill.

To top it off,  the eco-friendly packaging is FSC certified; greatly reducing environmental waste when you're ready to take your little one out in style!

First bed carrycot for overnight sleeping

When nap-time comes around away from home, the Silver Cross Wave provides parents with peace of mind.

Its overnight sleep approved hypoallergenic fabric inlay and compatible carrycot stand give baby a comfortable place to rest near you – no matter where you are.

overnight carrycot

New Genius™ magnetic harness

Your little one can enjoy a safe, comfortable and snuggly ride in the Genius harness system. Ergonomic rucksack-style adjustments make it easy to secure your child while magnetic buckle fasteners take away any hassle - so both you and them have stress-free travels!

Patented seat elevation

The versatile silver cross wave offers an innovative solution for modern parents, as it helps bring baby closer with its patented seat elevation system. Not only does it make room for a second carrycot but also provides better access and interaction opportunities between parent and child - making the most of every moment together.

wave seat unit


CYBEX Gazelle S

Silver Cross Wave

RRP (£)

from 719

from 1095

Weight Capacity (kg)







L93-106 x W65 x H100-110cm

L111 x W60 x H95-109cm 


Advanced suspension

4-way dynamic suspension

Car Seat Compatible

CYBEX infant car seats including the rotating, lie-flat Cloud Z2 i-Size (sold separately)

 Silver Cross Dream i-Size Car Seat (sold separately)

Basket capacity 

Underseat basket up to 13kg, 23kg total basket capacity overall with additional basket

39L capacity


It's true that both of these pushchair options boast similar features and offer a stunning range of luxurious fabrics and chassis colors to choose from. That's why, on closer inspection, it will be the details that decide which one works for your family.

For example, if you're wanting a more budget friendly stroller solution, the £300 saving on the CYBEX Gazelle S could be enough to sway you, as it doesn't compromise on the handy features of singe-to-double strolling.

Alternatively, if you're comfortable spending a little more for a bigger, robust stroll that has sustainability at the forefront of its design, the new Silver Cross Wave will be your ideal travel companion!

Either way, we think you'll fall head over heels for these double pushchairs as they're both crafted with parents in mind, so you can spend more time looking after the little ones you love.

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