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  • Superlove Merino Sleep Gown - Blush Pink

Superlove Merino Sleep Gown - Blush Pink

by Superlove

SKU 32006-0-3m / boxed weight 200 g


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Blush Pink, a lovely baby pink colour Sleep Gown which perfect for any little princess! We love how warm and cosy this little gown is, along with the integrated scratch mitts and not to mention the girly pink colour! The Superlove Gown is really easy to pop on your little girl, arms in and over their head. 

Made from 100% merino wool the gown will be silky against your baby's delicate skin, keeping them safe and warm. Studies show merino wool improves sleep patterns – a baby sleeping in merino will settle more quickly, cry less and stay asleep for longer.


  • Designed and made in Britain
  • Made from 100% double-knitted merino wool
  • Opens out flat for ease of dressing
  • Integrated fold-over scratch mitts
  • Ethical from the farm to your baby
  • Balances your baby's body temperature 
  • Antibacterial, hypo-allergenic and UPF50+
  • Naturally stain resistant and fully machine washable
  • Bluesign Accredited - your guarantee that garments are produced in eco responsible manufacturing environments and free of chemical nasties
  • Ultra-light snap tape along the bottom makes both dressing and changing easier as well as being safer than conventional metal poppers


 Age Height - cm  Weight
0-3 months 48-67 3-7kg (6lb 10oz - 15lb 6oz)
3-12 months 55-82 5-12kg (11-26lb 6oz)


About merino:

Superlove Merino is a very fine, soft type of wool that comes from Merino sheep. These remarkable animals have evolved over thousands of years and today are best found roaming the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Merino is the best thing you can put next to your little one’s skin as it is:

  • Cosy and warm, but also temperature regulating (Merino wool fibres trap air bubbles - creating a cosy micro-climate of warm air next to the skin. Yet because merino is also highly breathable, excess heat is released as needed to avoid overheating.)
  • super soft (merino is about 1/10th the width of a human hair and unlike traditional wool, each merino fibre has a silky outer layer, creating an extremely soft, fine texture. Great for babies with eczema and allergies!)
  • natural elasticity (ensuring comfort and whilst allowing for growth and movement.)
  • naturally water repellent (Each fibre of merino wool has a protective layer that naturally repels water to help keep your little one dry.)
  • Moisture wicking (Water that does get in is drawn into the core of the fibre and away from the skin. Moisture then evaporates outward into the air to keep the wearer feeling warm and dr)
  • anti bacterial and anti odour (due to the moisture absorbing core and moisture repelling exterior  there is nowhere for those moisture loving microbes to grow. Merino also contains natural lanolin and keratin (a substance naturally found in our skin, hair and nails) both of which have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.)
  • durable and long lasting (Merino wool fibres can be bent 20,000 times before breaking. By comparison, a cotton fibre will break after 3,000 times and silk after just 2,000)
  • naturally flame resistant (merino base layers are preferred choice of fire fighters and military personnel for this very reason. When exposed to a naked flame merino will slightly char, and then just go out)



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