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    Babiators UPF 50+ Sun Hats are the perfect accessory for when your little one is out and about exploring in the sun. Made with UPF 50+ fabric, Babiators Sun Hats shield and protect your child's face from harmful UV rays and their products are always safety tested, so no sweat if they end up in your baby’s mouth!
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    Babiators Sun Hats FAQs

    Yes, sun hats should be worn to protect the extra delicate skin on their head and face from sun burn. Sun cream should also be worn at all times.

    Clothes specifically designed to offer protection against the sun. Our shirts offer UPF 50+ protection which means they help to block out 98% of sun radiation.

    Our stylish shorts for toddlers and kids! They offer UPF 50+ protection, they’re lightweight, and quick-drying which is perfect for playing at the beach.