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Snuz Curve Pregnancy Pillow review

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Snüz began in 2014 with a mission to help parents and their little ones catch quality z's. Through the development of their iconic, award-winning bedside crib - the SnuzPod - alongside other innovative nursery accessories such as sleeping bags and bedding sets, they've set out on a quest to make snoozing as smooth sailing as possible!

Because at Snuz they believe happy babies start with well rested parents, they've continued to create products that promote sleep and comfort, which is why their all new pregnancy pillow the SnüzCurve is being hailed a saviour for sleeping mamas-to-be. Let's see if our team of real parents thought the same...

snuz curve review

Parent tester - Sarah

Firstly I would like to say how grateful I am to have received the SnüzCurve to review.

It came at the perfect time! The delivery was very fast and came within 2 days from start to finish of having the order placed. It was packaged well but as it was a pregnancy pillow I wasn’t too worried about it getting damaged in transit. 

pregnancy pillow

I was very excited to open it and loved all the information on the box. The QR link to The Modern Midwife is fantastic!

I immediately laid it out to get into shape as the knee blade is memory foam. Since using the SnüzCurve for several weeks now I can honestly say it has really improved my sleep and any aches and pains I have.

I’m tall - at 6ft1 - and the pillow still fits me really well. I can use the knee blade properly so it supports my hips well while I use the top bean bag section to get into a comfy sleep position on my side. I suffer from back and hip aches quite regularly and this has definitely improved this during the night whereas before I’d have to use pain relief or heat gel which I’ve steered clear of since pregnancy.

snuzcurve pillow

I also haven’t found myself waking up on my back as much which I was doing a lot of before I had the SnüzCurve which is good as I know side sleeping is recommended in pregnancy.

I am currently coming to end of my first trimester and it’s definitely not been too early to use a pregnancy pillow. Every night I look forward to bed just so I can get cosy and have a good sleep! 

I haven’t yet taken the cover off to wash it but there are easy zips to do so when needed. All in all, I think the SnüzCurve is worth buying and I’ll continue to use it after pregnancy to make sure I’m aligned better when I sleep. 

snuzcurve pregnancy support

Parent tester - Jodie

I was very surprised to find out I was the lucky tester of the SnüzCurve Pregnancy Pillow. When I received the pillow, it was within a day of providing my details and came packaged in another box.

I was pleased with this as it helped to protect the original box and therefore the pillow. It also didn’t have pregnancy written over the outside box so when it was delivered to my neighbour, I didn’t have to tell them I was pregnant before I was ready to. 

snuzcurve pregnancy pillow

The SnuzCurve was found in the box in the handy travel bag, which will be handy to use when travelling away from the house. A lovely extra touch was the soft facemask provided to help enhance your sleep and being pregnant I will take anything to help me sleep.

There is also an instruction booklet to explain how to use the SnuzCurve pillow as well as a QR code giving you the option to sign up for the monthly Snuz pregnancy sleep series that provides handy sleep hints depending on your stage of pregnancy.

I was looking forward to using the SnuzCurve the night that I unboxed it however, was slightly disappointed that I had to allow the SnuzCurve 24 hours out of the box to regain it natural shape, especially as I had been sleeping very poorly in the week before.

sleep mask

My only really complaint about the SnuzCurve is that my 6 year old son absolutely loves it. I often find it in his room and if he has come into our bed overnight I wake up with him stealing the pillow from me!

I received the SnuzCurve pregnancy pillow in my first trimester of my second pregnancy. With my first pregnancy being 7 years ago, I had suffered from SPD and continued to have pelvic pain after my son arrived so I have been very conscious of how I have been sleeping and the positioning of my legs. Therefore I was excited to try the unique KneeBlade that is part of the SnuzCurve pregnancy pillow.


I found the SuzCurve pregnancy pillow took a few days to get use to sleeping with it. After a few days I have found it extremely comfortable to sleep with. I really like the two different parts of the pillow, the squashy body part that I can easily mould to where I want it to support, there is also a good amount of beans in the body part to ensure great support.

Overall, I feel that the KneeBlade keeps my body in line and has actually helped with my hip pain that I have been experiencing.

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