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Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 achieves safest ever rating

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The Motion All Size 360 car seat by Silver Cross has come out as the safest all-stage car seat as tested by regulatory body, the ADAC.

Want to know more? Well, we've broken it down, including what ADAC testing looks for and what these results mean for parents looking for the safest car seat for their little one...

Who are ADAC?

First, you may be wondering what - or better yet who, are ADAC and why their seal of approval is so important. 

The ADAC, otherwise known as Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club, is an independent, German motoring association that is involved in the promotion of safety and product testing, including child car seats.

Founded in 1903, it is arguably the most authoritative organisation in Europe which tests on car seat safety. ADAC requirements are much stricter than the legal requirements of regular testing standards such as R44/03 and ECE R44/04.

The ADAC crash tests involve frontal impact at a speed of 64 kph, side impact of 50 kph and even rear impact. Whereas ECE only requires the test to frontal impact at a speed of 50 kph.

Plus, not only does ADAC test for Crash Safety but also on Handling and Harmful Substances so you know your car seat is the safest for your little passenger.

Silver Cross' Results

With this in mind, the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat scored an impressive 3.0 overall which is less than its competition - and a good thing when it comes to ADAC scoring!

The overall score is an average rating, broken down into scoring for several elements including Crash Safety, Ease of use, Ergonomics, Pollutants, and ease of cleaning.

For the Crash Safety, the Silver Cross Motion All-Size 360 achieved an impressive 2.5 rating. This is after the seat was rigorously crash tested in 14 different configurations, the highest number of crash tests assessed for any ADAC tested product.


The Motion All Size 360 was selected to be featured in the Autumn/Winter 2022 ADAC testing program and after months of waiting, we are extremely proud that Silver Cross' newest car seat performed so well!

In ADAC testing, the lower the score, the better the rating. With a crash test score of 2.5, the Motion All Size 360 is somewhat ahead of the competitor products in the all-stage category. An impressive safety score together with the 360 rotation and large range of use (Birth to 12 years) the Motion offers the best all round safety, features, and value!

- Hamish McPhillips, Head of Car Safety at Silver Cross

Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 Car Seat

We love the Silver Cross Motion All Size car seat for so many reasons including its focus on safety, ease of use and comfort for little riders. It's no surprise that it's received such fantastic results in ADAC testing but let's take a closer look at everything you'll find on this impressive all stage car seat...


The Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 is the newest, most innovative car seat that meets R129 European crash testing standard and now ADAC testing.

It rotates, hence its 360 namesake, and offers parents ultimate peace of mind in providing thorough safety tests for six different age groups from newborn up through 12 years old including being assessed on side protection. 

Ease of use 

The Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 is the perfect solution for parents who are time-strapped. With its ISOFIX base, you can quickly and easily install your child's car seat in any vehicle without having to worry about fiddling with straps or tackling a tired toddler.

Additionally, this unit rotates forensically allowing minimal disturbance when loading little one into the car which is a win for you and for them!

Comfort + longevity

Designed for children from birth to 12 years old, the comfort of this seat is paramount to ensure it grows with a child. It features soft and breathable bamboo fabrics to keep little ones cool and comfortable.

While the eight headrest positions, three recline angles (including two forward facing) and adjustable inserts create the perfect customisable space for a child's right height and age throughout early childhood and beyond. 

Value for money

As an all-stage car seat, the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 is leading the way in terms of pricing. At £375 for a one-time purchase, this car seat provides 12 years of use and smoothly adjusted to adapt to little ones of all ages.

This car seat is great for grandparents who have multiple aged grandchildren and need a car seat. Better yet, there’s no need to buy a separate ISOFIX base either as everything you need arrives in the same box.

More from ADAC

This is a fantastic achievement for the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360, although the celebrations don't stop there. ADAC have now released all their Autumn/Winter 2022 results, so look out for more car seat safety success on models you can shop here at Natural Baby Shower, coming to the blog soon!

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