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High-back booster seats vs booster cushions

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Are you unsure what final stage car seat is the best choice for your growing child - a booster cushion or high-back booster seat?

You've come to the right place! BeSafe are the experts in car seats and want to help explain why the latter type offers greater safety.

High back boosters provide an extra layer of protection, thanks to integrated headrests which cradles a child's vulnerable neck area and added comfort features such as removable backrests!

Don't just take our word for it though; here are three reasons why choosing a high-back booster really will be the safer option when travelling with older children...

BeSafe high back booster seats

When to start using a booster seat? 

Before you consider purchasing a booster seat, ensure your little rider is at the right age and height.

BeSafe suggest keeping them rear-facing as long as possible - or until age four. When the time comes to switch to a booster seat, BeSafe believe it's important to ensure that these three conditions are met:

  • Your child should be a minimum of four years old;
  • Meet the seat requirements (15kg when approved to ECE R44 or 100cm when approved to UN R129);
  • They have developed enough mental maturity to remain in place while sitting still in their booster seat – as leaning forwards eliminates certain protections.
kids booster seats

3 reasons to buy a high-back booster seat

1. Side impact protection

A high-back booster seat is a must for any modern family needing an extra layer of security. Not only will it provide your child with the cushioning they need but also protect their torso and head in side impact collisions - something regular booster cushions can't do!

Although your car may be equipped with side curtain airbags, it's important that any children riding in the vehicle are tall enough for these safety features to make an impact. High-back booster's side impact protection provides this as well as added safety features so you'll have peace of mind they'll stay safe on every journey.

2. Belt positioning

Ensuring the car's shoulder belt is in the correct place can make a world of difference if you're ever involved in an accident. To ensure it stays adjusted to the right height, even as your child grows, opting for a high-back booster seat is your best bet. 

Specifically, look for high-back boosters that are designed with lap-belt and shoulder-belt guiders as these make sure both belts are always held securely yet comfortably against their body.

belt positioning car seat

3. Sleeping in the car

If your little one is feeling snoozy during car rides, a high-back booster seat can act as the perfect pillow for them to rest against. With this type of cushion, your backseat passengers won’t have to worry about slouching over and not being secured by the safety belt correctly.

For even better comfort when dozing off on long drives, look for models that offer an adjustable recline position!

BeSafe's booster seats

BeSafe booster seats provide the perfect balance of both safety and comfort – designed especially for children ages 4-12 years.

Approved to hold growing children from 15kg - 36kg or a height of 100-150 cm, BeSafe's high-back booster options are forward facing with the highest standards of safety testing so you can rest assured they're provided with maximum protection.

BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size

BeSafe Izi Flex FIX booster seat

BeSafe iZi Flex FIX is the perfect car seat solution and high-back booster seat for children measuring 100-150 cm. It offers unparalleled safety features, maximum comfort and flexibility - with easy adjustment options to suit any family’s needs.

Not only that but it can fit up to three people in one row, making it a highly efficient choice when travelling with multiple children or adults.

One standout feature of this booster seat? It's been designed specifically according to UN R129-02 regulation – so you know your little ones are safe on their journey at all times!

More high-back booster seats

While we love BeSafe's high-back booster options, we always recommend shopping around before you buy. Other great options to consider include Maxi Cosi's Kore i-Size car seat and CYBEX's Solution S2 car seats which also give little ones ultimate protection from a final-stage car seat or high-back booster; be sure to take a look!

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