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Britax Römer Car Seat Q&A

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Britax Römer is an incredible and trusted brand specialising in car seats, pushchairs and travel systems. Their mission is to ensure that both parents and their children are safe and sound on the road, and they have remained committed to this goal since it first started manufacturing safety equipment for cars in the early 1930s – so you could say they know what they’re doing!

Naturally, you may still have some unanswered questions around Britax car seats, as there are so many styles, sizes and ranges on offer. Let us walk you through some of our most asked questions around Britax car seats to help you find the backseat companion that’s the perfect fit for you and baby.

Top 10 Britax FAQ’s

Q1: Are Britax car seats safe?

A: Yes. Since their first ever car seat was released in 1966, child safety has been Britax Römer’s number one priority. No costs or efforts are spared in the design, manufacturing and testing of their car sears to provide the highest level of safety and security.  

Their commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards is also demonstrated in their rigorous testing processes. They’ve pioneered in-house dynamic testing and operate two world class car seat testing facilities in Europe. In 2017, they launched one of the most modern and technically advanced crash test centres for child car seats around the world. They also set high restrictions to more than 500 chemicals, carrying out tests through independent laboratories according to protocol, covering all legal requirements such as REACH.

Britax testing

Britax were also involved in the first ever legislation for the requirement of child car seats, ECE R44. They also developed the first ISOFIX seat to make installation more intuitive. Their car seats comply with all testing standards including ADAC.

Britax Römer believes that a 5-point harness is the safest way to strap your child into a car seat, as it keeps them fully tucked away in the seat’s protective shell. In the event of an impact, the harness will distribute the force across 5 points, two at the shoulders, two at the hips and one by the buckle between the legs, protecting your child from all possible directions of impact.

If you are looking for guidance around car seat safety, you can check out Britax Römer’s Car Seat Safety Guidance on their website.

Q2: Are Britax car seats airline approved?

A: The following Britax models have been airline approved:


ECE approval no.

TÜV ID Number

BABY-SAFE plus *1
BABY-SAFE plus II *1












*Suitable for children up to 13kg, or until the head extends over the edge of the infant carrier. The label certifying suitability for airline use can be found on the car seat.


ECE approval no.

TÜV ID Number







*Suitable for children from 9 to18 kg. This model is approved for airline use subject to airline regulations.

As airline regulations regarding car seats change regularly, we recommend that you always check with your airline before travelling.

Q3: Can Britax car seats be washed?

A: Yes, in most cases the cover can be removed and washed with a gentle detergent on a low 30°C cycle. We advise that you follow the instructions included on the washing label of the cover.

Do not place in a tumble dryer.

Q4: Which Britax car seat should I buy?

A: There are many factors to consider before deciding which car seat to buy for your little one. You will first need to identify which seat will fit your child, and then which type of seat will fit your needs. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How old is your child and what is their weight?
  • How long do you want your child to stay in their seat?
  • What type of installation system will work with your car?
  • Will you need a travel system?
  • Do you want your child to remain rear facing for longer?

Britax Romer car seat

Once you have worked out exactly what you need, the fun begins, and you can shop for your perfect car companion. To get you started, here are just a few of our favourite Britax Römer car seats and why we love them:

Duelfix Pro M Spin Car Seat

The Duelfix Pro M Spin Car Seat is a gamechanger for parents who want nothing but the best for their tiny travellers. This seat is perfect for children from 3 months to 4 years old.

This car seat exceeds European safety standards and offers advanced features such as the Pivot Link ISOFIX System and Side Impact Cushion Technology. Thanks to the 360° rotation, this seat can be used both rearward and forward facing, making the on and off boarding process quick and easy – even in the smallest of spaces.

Britax Römer Baby-Safe 5Z2 Car Seat

The Britax Baby-Safe 5Z2 is the perfect choice for even the smallest of infants. This breakthrough car seat is the lightest in their line-up, and boasts innovative features combining comfort and safety designed to deliver a smooth ride wherever the journey takes you.

With ergo-recline technology, the Baby-Safe 5Z2 prioritises your baby’s well-being and keeps them in a flatter and more natural position during travel to promote the healthy development of their spine.

This car seat can be used from birth up until your baby is around 15 months old. It also has super flexible installation options and allows you to secure it to the Flex Base 5Z, the vehicle seat belt, and a wide range of pushchairs. This makes the car seat a perfect travel companion for families who are always on-the-go.

Britax Römer Safe-Way M Car Seat

The Britax Römer Safe-Way Car Seat will be by your little one’s side until they are around 7 years old. With this seat, your travel pal can enjoy a rearward-facing drive for longer, leaving them prepared for any adventure. This car seat comes with an infant insert so you can use it from as little as three months old.

The Safe-Way car seat also features an extra safe 5-point harness and an ergonomic design to keep your baby snug as a bug in a car seat. The hassle-free ClickTight installation means you’re always ready to get on the move with the click of a button. It is also Swedish Plus tested and UN R129 approved.

Did we mention that Britax have just launched an adorable Dusty Rose colour?! Shop Britax Dusty Rose.

If you need some more guidance around the type of car seat your child needs based on their weight, age, height, or based around the installation, check out our Car Seat Buying Guide to help you make the right decision.

Britax Car Seat

Q5: When does my Britax car seat expire?

A: Britax Römer car seats do not have an official expiration date, they use high-quality UV-stabilised material to prevent the effects of aging. They do however endorse the advice of The European Nursery Products Confederation, and suggest that they should be used as sensible guidelines. The count for lifespan will begin when the product is used for the first time.

It is recommended that car seats used from birth-18kg have an expected lifespan of 7 years. Car seats used from 9-96kg, have an expected lifespan of 10 years.

Standards evolve, and functional product parts may have reduced performance due to exposure and general wear and tear.

We do not recommend the use of a second-hand car seat with an unknown history.

Q6: What strollers are Britax car seats compatible with?

All Britax car seats and infant carriers are compatible with all Britax pushchairs. They are also compatible with many pushchair models from leading brands such as Joolz and Bugaboo, with the correct adapters.

For more information around pushchair compatibility, you can view this full list available on the Britax Römer website.

Q7: When should I adjust my Britax car seat?

A: We advise that you adjust your child’s car seat when the top of their head is less than an inch from the top of the seat when buckled. You want the headrest to be just above where the harness comes out of the seat, if the headrest is touching or digging into your child’s shoulders, then it is time to adjust the seat or move up a size.

All Britax car seats will have information around the age, height or weight they are suitable for on our website in the ‘Size + fit’ section on the individual product pages.  

We also recommend that your baby travels rearward facing for as long as possible. The R129 Regulation stipulates that your child should be rearward facing until they are at least 15 months old. However, many car seats allow children to stay rearward facing for longer, and we would suggest you keep your child rear-facing until at least the limit of the car seat is reached. The Britax Römer Safe-Way M Car Seat is designed so your little passenger can remain rear-facing for longer.

Britax Romer Safe Way M

Q8: Where can I buy Britax car seats?

A: You can buy your Britax Römer car seat right here at Natural Baby Shower. Order online or visit our store to browse Britax products in person, and get expert advice and recommendations to help you decide which car seat would be best for your needs.

You can also buy directly from the Britax Römer website.

Q9: Where are Britax car seats made?

A: Britax Römer car seats are ‘Made in Germany’ meaning that everything from idea, to design, to development is carried out in Germany. The majority of their car seats are also manufactured in Germany including the Baby-Safe 5Z2, the Duelfix M i-size and the KIDFIX i-size.

Q10: How expensive are Britax car seats?

A: Prices for Britax car seats will vary depending on the features, size, range and installation method of the product.

Britax Römer car seats start from as little as £149.00 with their Hi-Liner High Back Booster Car Seat.

If you are looking at something for something suitable from birth with top-of-the-range installation and safety features then the Baby-Safe 5Z2 car seat comes in at £249.00 without the base and £498.00 with the Flexbase 5Z included.


We hope that these answers help you when deciding which Britax Römer car seat to buy for your little one. With any Britax car seat you can guarantee that you and your baby will be in safe hands, and, because of the excellent standard of materials and manufacturing, your Britax will be with your family for many years.

If you have any more questions about the Britax brand, their products, or car seats in general, visit us in store and speak to our product experts who will be more than happy to help you choose your perfect car seat. You can also use our video call service where you can dial into our store, ask all of your questions and get a glimpse of the products in action.

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