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A Guide to Safer Sleeping with Glow Dreaming

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In honour of Safer Sleep Week with NBS, one of our wonderful brands, Glow Dreaming, have put together a helpful how to guide for safer sleep and the top recommendations to ensure your little dreamer sleeps safer and sounder from nap to night time. 

The Power of Back Sleeping

In the world of dreamers, back sleeping is the key to unlocking nights of undisturbed rest - for you and baby. When putting your little one to bed or getting them down for a nap, place them on their back for the safest and comfiest position. This sleeping position is not only recommended by Glow Dreaming, but is also proven to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep related incidents or accidents. 

Glow Dreaming

Crafting a Safe Sleep Environment

When creating a safe and cosy sleep environment for your little one, make sure to use a flat, firm and breathable mattress. Your baby's sleep space should not have any soft bedding, quilts, pillows or toys that could compromise safety or become a risk. Where their bed is concerned, simplicity reigns supreme and less is more. The right sleep environment is the key to an uninterrupted night's rest.

Unobstructed Dreaming

It is important that your baby's face remains completely uncovered during sleep. To make sure they can't wriggle around or put them self in any danger, place your baby's little toes at the base of the cot or Moses basket. This will prevent them wriggling and getting caught beneath a blanket if you're using one. 

*TOP TIP* If you are using a blanket, make sure to tuck it in tight and position it no higher than their shoulders. If you are using a sleep suit, it should be snug and well fitting to stop too much movement. The neck hole should not be bigger than their head. 

Temperature Harmony

Your little one's sleep space should be at a comfortable temperature throughout the night, with the right amount of humidity to keep them cost and comfortable. The right humidity and temperature is the key to help your baby sleep soundly from dusk till dawn. You should also make sure your baby is dressed appropriately for the temperature of the room. When shopping for swaddles, blankets or sleep suits, pay attention to the tog ratings or material. Some swaddles are designed specifically for each season and will have thicker or thinner materials. 

It's a common mistake to dress your baby for the weather outside, but it's important to pay attention to the temperature of their room. If your baby is dressed inappropriately, this can cause disturbances or be unsafe. 

The Glow Dreaming Glow Room Sensor sets the perfect conditions for a perfect night's sleep. The sensor allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity of your baby's room from anywhere in your house, so you can always be sure the conditions are safe and comfortable all night long. The smart technology will also recommend the best TOG to use based on the conditions so you can prepare the perfect sleep space for your little dreamer. 

Glow Dreaming Sleep Sensor

The Importance of Smoke-Free and Fresh Air

The importance of clean and fresh air should be considered at any time of day, whether your baby is awake or sleeping. Clean air is paramount. You must be sure to keep your baby's sleep environment smoke free. 

A good amount of fresh air is vital for both parents and baby, so make sure to get enough exposure to natural light and air. You can take your baby out in their stroller for a walk in the morning and later afternoon, which will not only help your little one's sleeping habits, but is also great for your own mental health!

The Glow Dreaming Glow Sleep Easy combines all the key features you or your little one needs to get the sleep they deserve. The Red LED Light boosts your baby's natural levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone) before bed, making it easier for them to settle. The additional Pink Noise feature prevents unnecessary wakeups and helps your baby sleep deeper and sounder. Find out more about the Glow Dreaming Glow Sleep Easy here.

Glow Dreaming Glow Sleep Easy