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  • TotsBots Accessory Kit - Nappy Accessories - Natural Baby Shower

TotsBots Accessory Kit

by TotsBots

SKU 35453 / boxed weight 600 g


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TotsBots accessory kit includes

  • 1 x 16L bucket 
  • 2 x Laundry mesh 
  • 1 x Green wet nappy bag
  • 200 x Flushable liners
  • 1 x 750g of Potion nappy wash

16L bucket 

This 16 litre nappy bucket has been designed to keep prying toddlers out and any wiffyness in. The lid is secured by four locks (whilst access is still easy and quick for adults) and it features carry handle making it easy to get nappies from changing station to washing machine.

Make life easier for yourself by lining the bucket with our elasticised nappy meshes. The dirty nappies go into the mesh and then when full, the mesh goes straight into the machine - allowing minimal handling of the nasty stuff!

Laundry Meshes

2 mesh bags for lining your nappy bucket. If there is one nappying accessory you should buy - this is it! The dirty nappies go into the mesh and then when full, the mesh goes straight into the machine - allowing minimal handling of the nasty stuff!

Laundry mesh fits a standard nappy bucket. Makes for easy laundering of soiled nappies. Light elasticated top, to fit easily and snugly around the rim of most nappy buckets. Once full, simply remove the mesh and pop it and contents in the machine - then reline bucket with a clean mesh.

Wet Nappy Bag

A green waterproof bag which is perfect whilst out and about to store soiled nappies. With a drawstring closure, it holds 8-10 nappies.

Once they are out of nappies it makes a great swimming kit bag!  Approx measurement 45cm x 36cm

Flushable/Spunlace Liners

These fantastic spunlace (paper) liners are the softest disposable liner product for baby and the very latest thing in bio-degradable liners. They have been hydro spun (spun with water jets) without the use of the chemical bonding agents associated with standard paper liners.

You may find them liners more convenient than washables - especially when out and about. They work in the same way as reusable liners by allowing wetness through to be absorbed by the nappy and collecting the solids. When soiled they are removed and simply flushed away.

- Convenient and 100% bio-degradable, simply flush down the loo.
- Comfortable and silky soft next to your baby's skin.
- Handy rolls of 100
- Made from 100% cellulose fibres (viscose and TENCEL)

Cellulose is the natural polymer that forms part of the living cells of all vegetation. It is the most abundant and renewable biopolymer on Earth. Unlike synthetic fibres, man made cellulosic fibers are completely biodegradable and can be recycled, incinerated, land filled or digested in sewage. They originate from the earth and return to the earth in the end.

TotsBots Potion

Initially developed to allow parents to wash reusable nappies at lower temperatures, Potion is a unique detergent with exceptional cleaning power. So what makes it so special?

Traditionally cloth nappies should be washed at 60 degrees or higher to properly sanitise the garments. Potion has an anti bacterial action which is active in the wash at 30 degrees, ensuring that even cloth nappies will come out of the washing machine clean and fresh. Unlike other low temperature detergents it is a natural mineral based product which does not contain any synthetic enzymes. This is better for both baby and the environment.

Being powerful enough to clean cloth nappies means Potion will also work exceptionally well on other laundry, with excellent results on socks, towels, sports kit etc.

Potion has been allergy tested but has not been tested on animals. As with our nappies the powder is manufactured in the UK so you can be assured of the ethics behind the product.

Developed to enable you to wash your cloth nappies at lower temperatures. No need to soak simply wash in a couple of table spoons of Potion for excellent results...

- Antibacterial
- Active at 30 degrees
- 100% natural - no enzymes
- Fragrance free
- Vegan approved
- Allergy tested

-Scents may vary 

Now that's magic!

Dose: Use 75g ( 3.5tbsp) per wash

Barcode [EAN] [UPC]: 5060131217789



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