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  • Superlove Merino & Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag in Up & Away
  • Superlove Merino & Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag in Up & Away Lifestyle
All Season
Superlove Merino & Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag in Up & Away

Superlove Merino & Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag - Up & Away

by Superlove

SKU 32005 / boxed weight 500 g
100% Merino Wool ZQ Merino


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Up, up and away! 

The Up & Away Superlove Sleeping Bag is lined with plush double knitted 100% merino wool, specially designed to suit northern hemisphere climates from high summer to the coldest winter without the need for different tog value bags. This adorable Superlove Sleeping Bag fits newborns (minimum weight of 8lbs) right up to 2 years+ and can be used all year round in temperatures ranging from 16 to 27°c. 

The all season travel bag features inbuilt travel slots for seamless transition from cots to cars and prams. It also has a full length side zip, which allows the bag to be opened flat for ease of dressing and airing. As well as zip access at the bottom of the bag for easy night time nappy changes. The underarm poppers allow you to adjust the armhole sizing for smaller babies and the generous length (95cm) it is designed to fit up to 2 years and beyond!


  • 235gsm merino
  • For all seasons
  • From birth to 24 months+
  • Designed and made in Britain
  • Naturally antibacterial and stain resistant
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried
  • 100% organic cotton outer and 100% superfine merino lining
  • Conforms to BS 8510:2009 for safety of children's sleep bags
  • Ideal for use in nursery temperatures ranging from 16 to 27c
  • The merino naturally draws moisture away from the skin for all night comfort
  • Kind to delicate skin and suitable for babies with skin conditions such as eczema
  • Underarm snaps to adjust size for smaller babies for a perfect fit from newborn right through to 24 months+
  • Travel slots with snap closures for use in car seats and/or prams and can be fully closed when not in use
  • Full length zip and shoulder poppers on both sides for ease of dressing, night time nappy changes and airing
  • ZQ and Bluesign certified - Your guarantee that Superlove merino wool is the best quality and produced ethically, with the highest animal welfare standards and that our products are free of chemical nasties and made in eco-responsible manufacturing environments

    Layering Guide

    The Superlove Pure Merino All Season Sleep Bag is designed to be used all year round. Because it is made from natural breathable fibres it does not have a fixed TOG rating. The merino allows excess heat to be released, unlike synthetic fibres, making it much safer for babies to sleep in. We recommend layering up with natural fibres underneath your Pure Merino All Season Sleep Bag to suit the season and room temperature throughout the year. Below is a guide to get you started, but every child is different, so check your child's temperature behind the neck to ensure they are comfortable. 

    Nursery Temperature °C

    Layering Guide for underneath Superlove Pure Merino All Season Sleep Bag 0.7 TOG

    24 – 27

    Nappy Only

    21 - 24

    One Layer of cotton or lighter weight Merino ( <200gsm)

    14 - 20

    One Layer: Superlove Merino


    Two Layers: cotton or lighter weight Merino


    About Superlove:

    We love Superlove merino, they produce high quality merino garments and trade ethically.
    The merino used by Superlove is incredibly luxe and substantial, having been designed especially to suit British and European climates. All items are products ethically, sustainably and in a manner which is environmentally responsible.  All farms that supply Superlove merino wool are ZQ accredited to ensure the highest animal welfare standards. All farms are strictly non-mulesing and do not engage in other activities such as live exporting of sheep - which they consider entirely unkind from an animal welfare perspective.
    All of their packaging and stationary is recycled and/or produced from sustainable forests. 

    About merino:

    Superlove Merino is a very fine, soft type of wool that comes from Merino sheep. These remarkable animals have evolved over thousands of years and today are best found roaming the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Merino is the best thing you can put next to your little one’s skin as it is:

    • Cosy and warm, but also temperature regulating (Merino wool fibres trap air bubbles - creating a cosy micro-climate of warm air next to the skin. Yet because merino is also highly breathable, excess heat is released as needed to avoid overheating.)
    • super soft (merino is about 1/10th the width of a human hair and unlike traditional wool, each merino fibre has a silky outer layer, creating an extremely soft, fine texture. Great for babies with eczema and allergies!)
    • natural elasticity (ensuring comfort and whilst allowing for growth and movement.)
    • naturally water repellent (Each fibre of merino wool has a protective layer that naturally repels water to help keep your little one dry.)
    • Moisture wicking (Water that does get in is drawn into the core of the fibre and away from the skin. Moisture then evaporates outward into the air to keep the wearer feeling warm and dr)
    • anti bacterial and anti odour (due to the moisture absorbing core and moisture repelling exterior  there is nowhere for those moisture loving microbes to grow. Merino also contains natural lanolin and keratin (a substance naturally found in our skin, hair and nails) both of which have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.)
    • durable and long lasting (Merino wool fibres can be bent 20,000 times before breaking. By comparison, a cotton fibre will break after 3,000 times and silk after just 2,000)
    • naturally flame resistant (merino base layers are preferred choice of fire fighters and military personnel for this very reason. When exposed to a naked flame merino will slightly char, and then just go out)

    100% Merino Wool

    100% Merino Wool

    Merino sheep originated in Spain but were domesticated decades ago in Australia and New Zealand. Merino sheep can survive the extreme temperatures - up to 35 degrees in the summer and down to minus 20 in the winter. It’s a natural temperature regulator. As an active fibre, it reacts to our body temperature and allows the baby’s body to breathe. It’s super soft on baby’s sensitive skin. This is perfect for babies, whose skin is brand new and therefore very sensitive. It has been proven to help baby sleep. Scientific studies have shown that babies who sleep either in merino wool and/or on merino bedding, fall asleep quicker. A combination of all the above points leads to less irritation, less fussing and more hours of restful sleep – which we all know makes the next day all the better."

    ZQ Merino

    ZQ Merino

    ZQ Merino [pronounced Zee-Q] brings together nature’s most beautiful and high-performance merino fibre with the world’s leading brands. The ZQ Merino programme was launched by The New Zealand Merino Company to help people understand that their textile choices could be a reflection of their beliefs – you are what you wear – and that Merino, done the right way, was a smart and sustainable choice. This fibre is then hand-selected for some of the world’s best brands, providing them with a premium, natural component backed by integrity and the story of its origin. For these brands, ZQ Merino provides a complete solution to their fibre requirements through a commitment to PARTNER, PERFORM and PROTECT.

    EAN: 0175530363748



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