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  • CD's - Natal Hypnotherapy Prepare To Conceive CD

Natal Hypnotherapy Prepare to Conceive CD

by Natal Hypnotherapy

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Self Hypnosis has been clinically proven to double the chances of successful conception with IVF. Whether you are planning IVF or looking to conceive naturally, the Natal Hypnotherapy ‘Prepare to Conceive' CD will help you be more relaxed, let go of unwanted fears, tune into your bodies cycles and really prepare emotionally for conceiving a baby.

Benefits of listening to the prepare to conceive CD
• Recognize and let go of any fears and concerns related to conceiving a baby
• Prepare emotionally for conceiving a baby
• Be more in tune with your bodies cycles
• Become increasingly relaxed during ovulation
• Increase the bond with your partner
• Increase communication between yourself and your partner
• Prepare your body physically to grow and nurture a child
• Improve your health, vitality and well being
• Be attracted to the right kinds of food, drink and exercise

What mums have said.
"We had been trying for a baby for 2 years. Every month was like a rollercoaster of hope followed by depression. I was skeptical at first about using Hypnosis but after a couple of sessions, I realised that there were quite a few emotional issues which had stopped me from getting pregnant. With these out of the way, I was far more relaxed and prepared to conceive - Just six weeks later I was pregnant! My baby is due at Christmas and I am already thinking abut using the birthing CDs." Alison, Hampshire, UK

"Listening to the CD really helped me relax and prepare myself for pregnancy again. I needed to get over any uncertainties I felt over getting pregnant for the second time, I was apprehensive because I knew exactly what was involved in pregnancy and birth from my experiences with my first child. Listening to the CD helped me get over those concerns and be sure about what I wanted, which I think is essential if you want to get pregnant. It also helped me to become more in tune with my body's monthly cycle so I became more aware of my fertile times of the month. After listening to the CD on a regular basis we had no trouble conceiving". Sarah Howard, Sussex UK

(used with IVF)
"The reason chose the preparing to conceive cd was to help me prepare for my eggs being collected and then my fertilised embryos being put back in. I believe the cd will help me to relax when this occurs. the cd has also helped to put me into a positive frame of mind and help me to look forward to the treatment whatever the out come maybe. I have had some very personal issues that I will never be completely sure if they will effect my emotional state when having my treatment but I do believe that the cd has helped me to look into these issues and work on them. I will definitely continue to use the cd now and after my embryo transfer to help me to relax and hopefully this may help with my embryos implanting." Trudy

Preparing to conceive
The CD combines deep relaxation and hypnosis techniques, which enables mothers to prepare emotionally as well as physically for conception. Once deeply relaxed, the techniques and suggestions on this CD are directed at the subconscious part of the mind and takes you on a journey to recognise and then “let go” of any reasons which may be holding back your body from conceiving.

The mind and the body can not be separated - in fact they are not 2 entities, they are simply one. The body acts out and stores all the emotions and thoughts of the mind. Every memory, every feeling, every fear is stored in our body.

There may be many, many reasons why a women's body is not prepared to conceive. They may be reasons, which the subconscious part of the mind believes are important enough to protect her from conceiving. Common concerns include "How will the new baby really fit into my lifestyle? How will it effect my relationships? Can we cope financially? Can I be a good enough mother? Can I really produce a happy healthy child? How will I cope with giving birth? Will I be as good / bad as my own mother? Will having a baby destroy my figure?"

Often, women today have spent many years being mentally and emotionally opposed to getting pregnant and have actively prevented conception by using contraceptives. Often their subconscious has been so geared towards preventing pregnancy that when the woman feels the "time is now right" to have a baby, the subconscious needs to have "permission" to stop protecting her from having a baby.

Listening to the CD helps a women move on from any blocks which have held her back and to give her body ‘permission' to conceive.

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