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Natal Hypnotherapy Fast Post Natal Recovery CD

by Natal Hypnotherapy

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This award winning Natal Hypnotherapy™ CD teaches you deep relaxation with guided visualisation to promote and encourage a fast recovery during the postnatal period. OR you can buy it as part of the Natal Hypnotherapy™ Programme

This Fast post natal recovery CD helps to increase your confidence and calmness during the postnatal period which is a time of bonding, resting and adapting to the immense changes to both you and your baby's life. Taking time out to relax and re-energise will help you stay calmer, respond more instinctively and cope well with all the changes which will bring long term benefits to you both.

This CD can be used by all new mothers regardless of the type of birth you have experienced and can be listened to while feeding your baby or while resting when your baby sleeps.

It has been specifically useful for second time mums who experienced difficulties after their first child was born. An added bonus is that your baby will also respond to the CD as they will have heard the same music and voice many times while in the uterus. The CD often has a very calming and soothing effect on the baby. To get the best results from this CD, use it as part of the award winning Natal Hypnotherapy™ Programme."

Benefits of listening to the Fast Post Natal Recovery CD
•Increase confidence as a new mother
•Faster recovery rate
•Easy, natural lactation and breastfeeding
•Deep refreshing sleep (even if it is only for half an hour)
•Fast return to pre pregnancy shape and size
•Sense of calm and tranquillity
•Increased bond with your baby
•Decreased chance of post natal depression

When to listen to the CD
From when you baby is born, 2-3 times a week

Customer Comments:
"The CD was a tremendous help after James was born. I am so much calmer this time round and have actually found breastfeeding enjoyable! Because I am so much calmer, he is really chilled out to. Many thanks and make sure everyone hears about these CDs!" Camila, London

"After the delivery I listened to the post natal recovery CD – fantastic. My feet have not touched the ground since she was born and I am sure my sanity is down to the CD. It helped me with relaxation, breast feeding and being able to juggle a new born and 2 small children, running a house and being a wife." Jay, Guildford

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