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  • CD's - Natal Hypnotherapy CD Programme - VBAC
  • CD's - Natal Hypnotherapy CD Programme - VBAC

Natal Hypnotherapy CD Programme - VBAC

by Natal Hypnotherapy

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The Natal Hypnotherapy Programme (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Version) has been specially designed to give you the maximum benefit, practice and experience of using these powerful hypnosis techniques to ensure you have a truly wonderful pregnancy and birth experience.

It is a four step programme which builds your skills, abilities and confidence in your body. The effect of the individual CDs is multiplied many times when they are used as each CD in the range has been designed to have an accumulative affect when used together. To find out more information on how these CDs can help you, click on the links below.

The Natal Hypnotherapy Programme won the Practical Parenting “Pregnancy Product of the Year”.

Benefits of listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme (VBAC Birth) CD

The Pregnancy Relaxation CD (listen from conception through to 32 weeks).
Increase your energy and feelings of well being
Improved sleep
Maintain a healthy blood pressure
Reduce, even eliminate aches and pains
Increase communication with your baby
Maintain a feeling of calm and relaxation
learn techniques that will help with giving birth

The VBAC I &II CD set
You can listen to the VBAC I CD in the same period of time that you listen to the Pregnancy Relaxation CD up to around 32 weeks 2-3 times per week.

VBAC I ‘Letting Go' will help you to:
- Recognise negative emotions connected with your previous caesarean experience
- Let go of emotions which are no longer helpful to you and the birth of this baby
- Experience a forgiveness technique which allows you to move forward and focus on the unique birth experience ahead of you
- Overcome anxiety and fears connected with your forthcoming birth
- Increase communication and bonding with your baby
- Increase self belief and trust in your bodies ability to give birth vaginally

You can listen to the VBAC 2 Birth Preparation, from 32 weeks 2-3 times per week and from around 37 weeks daily.
VBAC II will help you to:
- Increase your feelings of calm and relaxation leading up to and during the birth
- Overcome anxiety and fears connected with your forthcoming birth
- Manage and reduce pain
- Increase self belief and trust in your bodies ability to give birth vaginally
- Increase communication and bonding with your baby
- Reduce the need for drugs during labour
- Increase your level of confidence and courage to have a vaginal birth
- Increase your ability to communicate your needs and remain in control of the birth
- Feel in control of the birth and be at ease with decisions you make

Relaxing birth music CD (to listen to the during your labour)
Enhance the deep relaxation you can achieve by listening to the music CD during labour. Acts as it is a subconscious trigger to relax and recall all the positive suggestions you will take in while listening to the birth preparation CD

Fast Post Natal recovery CD (listen to the after your baby has been born)
- Increase your confidence as a new mother
- Faster recovery rate
- Easy, natural lactation and breastfeeding
- Deep refreshing sleep (even if it is only for half an hour)
- Sense of calm and tranquillity
- Increased bond with your baby
- Decreased chance of post natal depression

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