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  • Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat - Banbury Melange-Swaddling Wraps-Default- Natural Baby Shower
  • Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat - Banbury Melange-Swaddling Wraps-Default- Natural Baby Shower
  • Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat - Banbury Melange-Swaddling Wraps-Default- Natural Baby Shower

Merino Kids Cocooi Swaddle & Hat - Banbury Melange

by Merino Kids

SKU 9296 / boxed weight 170 g


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100% Merino Wool


100% merino Merino Kids Cocooi shaped babywrap swaddle with beanie in Banbury Melange.

Merino baby wrap & matching beanie. The Cocooi™ baby wrap is a beautiful swaddling wrap made from superfine NZ Merino wool. It is shaped to allow you to adjust the size to fit snug around baby's body, fitting perfectly across baby's chest.

Swaddling is the age old practice of snugly wrapping a blanket around a baby to help calm, soothe and comfort them and encourage sleep. It works by mimicking the conditions in the womb, providing warmth and a slight resistance to movement. Swaddling is clinically proven to help babies remain asleep safely on their backs, while also reducing the effect of the moro reflex, which is the tendency for newborns to startle themselves awake by suddenly moving their arms. It can also help ease the discomfort of colic in the early weeks. All of which mean peace of mind and a better nights sleep for you. Swaddling is a recommended by Midwives.

  • Extremely easy to use, perfect fit every time with no fuss
  • Merino stretches to your baby's body shape and holds firmly in place
  • Allows baby to adjust to a comfortable position
  • Helps settle baby
  • Prevents waking from startle reflex
  • Helps prevent facial scratches
  • Vent function allowing baby to be safely belted into their car seat or buggy 
  • Merino has a smooth non-irritant surface
  • Merino also breathes, absorbing and releasing moisture in warm conditions and insulating through cooler times
  • Creates its own microclimate around the body, regulating baby's temperature.
  • All Cocooi™ babywraps come with matching superfine merino beanie.

100% Merino Wool

100% Merino Wool

Merino sheep originated in Spain but were domesticated decades ago in Australia and New Zealand. Merino sheep can survive the extreme temperatures - up to 35 degrees in the summer and down to minus 20 in the winter. It’s a natural temperature regulator. As an active fibre, it reacts to our body temperature and allows the baby’s body to breathe. It’s super soft on baby’s sensitive skin. This is perfect for babies, whose skin is brand new and therefore very sensitive. It has been proven to help baby sleep. Scientific studies have shown that babies who sleep either in merino wool and/or on merino bedding, fall asleep quicker. A combination of all the above points leads to less irritation, less fussing and more hours of restful sleep – which we all know makes the next day all the better."




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