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  • Love to Dream Swaddle UP Bamboo 50/50 - Grey-Swaddling Wraps- Natural Baby Shower

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Bamboo 50/50 - Grey

by Love to Dream

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The Love to Dream Grey Swaddle UP 50/50 is stage two of the Love to Swaddle UP range. It still has the unique ‘arms up’ design of the Swaddle UP Original but this time the ‘wings’ are removable. Once your baby can roll over independently, you need to get your baby used to having their arms free and with the 50/50 you can make the change, gently, without disrupting any sleep routines.

The Swaddle UP range is an easy way to get all the swaddling benefits without having to wrap your baby in blankets or muslins. Plus, our unique ‘wings’ design is a great way for babies sleep to sleep in their preferred sleeping position, with arms up.


  • Removable ‘wings’
  •  93% cotton 7% elastane
  • ‘Hands UP’ design – lets babies sleep in their natural sleep position
  • Snug and cosy fit – gives a womb-like security. Super soft cotton and seam-free inside for added comfort
  • Wiggle room – lots of space for legs and hips to move, bend and stretch
  • No Scratch – hands are covered but still accessible for playing, stretching and soothing

Sizing: For maximum benefit, the Swaddle UP needs to be a good fit, therefore, please choose a Swaddle UP by baby's weight rather than age.

  • M: 6 - 8.5kg
  • L: 8.5 - 11kg
  • XL: 11 - 14kg

The important safety information:

  • Do not use swaddle if the child's head can pass through the neck-hole when the product is fastened for use.
  • Do not stretch neckline by putting your hand inside the garment when in use.
  • Always place baby on their back for sleep. Ensure fastenings are done up correctly when in use.

Boxed weight 150 g