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Baby mattress buying guide

Newborns spend on average 14 hours a day sleeping, so we know how important it is to get the right mattress for your little one! This guide will help you decide which mattress works best for your family and why.


The benefits of natural mattresses

A healthy sleeping environment is not only synonymous with natural sleep, mattresses are an imperative factor to achieving a better quality of sleep – even for adults.


The Little Green Sheep Moses Baskets

Discover The Little Green Sheep's range of gorgeous Moses Baskets - allowing you to create the most natural sleeping environment from day one. Easily move baby around the house, from room to room thanks to the two sturdy handles.


The Little Green Sheep + NBS parent approved

The Little Green Sheep Natural Twist Cot Mattress

"With something as important as our children’s bedding, you want peace of mind that the mattress is free from chemicals and also supporting your child’s growing body. I love the fact that it is dual sided, one side for up to 12 months and the other suitable for toddlers. I feel confident that only natural materials are used, something that I feel is important given the number of hours your child spends on their mattress."

by Stacey Redington