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Learn More About the Famous Salt-Water Sandals

They are the sell-out sandals that parents and children alike can’t seem to get enough of. Every year they fly off the shelves and have a whole legion of fans, including all of us at Natural Baby Shower. Their humble but traditional styles are thoughtfully made with clever and useful features to make them last years.


Salt-Water Sun-San Kid's Sandals

The Salt-Water Sun-San Kid's Sandals are ideal for both wide and narrow feet. All Salt-Water sandals come with rust-proof buckles, can be worn in the water and can be hand-washed with a gentle detergent. These sandals are comfortable, durable and classically beautiful.


How to twin with Salt-Water Sandals

For many mamas, coordinating their outfits with a little one is a way to have fun, get creative and nurture the bond between parent and child. For some though, synchronising their entire wardrobe might be a step too far – nevertheless, it’s hard to resist the charm of a little “twinning”.