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Little Bird Told Me Norbert Rocking Donkey

Norbert the Rocking Donkey is the most popular product from Little Bird Told Me, He is an adorable rocking donkey with a super soft tufted coat and sticky-up ears. Featuring a soft scrunchy velour mane and tail, he stands on sturdy wooden rocking rails. He is sure to become your little ones new best friend.


Perfect Gift Ideas

A Little Bird Told Me Rocking horse is the perfect gift Idea for little ones. There really is a timeless charm to a traditional rocking horse that captivates both young and old alike.


Hubert the Ride On Cow

Little ones will fall in love with Hubert, the adorable Ride On cow from Little Bird Told Me. Hubert is a wheeled ride-on toy with multi-directional castors, a highland cow with long horns and a flowing coat.