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    Car Seats FAQs

    What car seat does your child need? We recommend that children remain in a rear-facing car seat from newborn to as long as possible up to as old as seven years. High backed booster car seats can then be used from around four years up to age 11. When buying your car seat, check the specafications to ensure it's the right fit for your little one. If you want to learn more, come and visit us in store where you can receieve a free car seat fitting and installation:

    The law on car seats states that children must use a car seat untile they're either 135 centimetres tall or reach the age of 12, whichever comes first. After this, they must wear a seat belt. For a more detailed guide on understanding car seat laws, check out this blog:

    Group 1-2-3 car seats are the different height, age or weight groupings that your child fits into. Here's a breakdown of the groups:

    - Group 0+ - Rear facing car seats suitable for children who weight 0kg-13kg or are newborn to 15 months

    - Group 1: Rear facing car seats suitable for children who weigh 9kg-18kg or are newborn to four years old

    - Group 2: Rear or forward-facing car seats suitable for children who weigh 15kg-25kg or nine months to six years old

    - Group 3: Rear of forward-facing high-backed car seats suitable for children who weigh 22kg-36kg or four years to 12 years

    Car seat laws in the UK state that children aged three years and over, or children up to 135cm tall, must sit in the back in a car seat or booster seat, wearing an adult seat belt. Children aged 12 years and over, or children who are taller than 135cm, may sit in the front seat and they must wear an adult seat belt.

    A baby should not be in their car seat for longer than two hours at a time. Research suggests that young children who are in a car seat for longer than two hours may experience breathing difficulties and strain on their spine, hips, and other areas. If you are going to be travelling for a longer period of time, it's important to schedule in regular breaks for both you and baby.

    To clean your child's car seat, make sure to check the labels or description on our website for suggestions on how to look after it. Most car seats will come with machine washable covers, and for small messes and spills, you should be able to just wipe them clean with baby wipes, water, and a mild soap.

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